Recommended Comics List Of 4 The Only Slightly Recommended Edition

1. Thanos: The Infinity Revelation is an original graphic novel from 2014. It has an interesting story and good art, but the comic has an ending that leaves things in a "to be continued" kind of way. Though a good story it really does not cover much new ground with Thanos or any of the other characters. I recommend this only if you are a fan of the iconic comic version of Thanos that is crafted by Jim Starlin.

2. Dakota North #2 circa 1986. The art could be better, but it is serviceable enough to pass for okay art. I mainly am recommending this because it is a good example of writing and drawing multiple interactions happening at once. This is best exemplified by the dinner scene's poker talk.

3. 2003/2004's Green Arrow #32 is just an interesting "break in the action" type that is not done much anymore. Sure we get to see some heroic actions, but mainly we get to see Connor Hawke and Roy Harper getting to know each other outside of their heroic personalities.

4. Legend Of The Shield #11 from back in 1992. Recommended for showing one way to de-power the lead without making the character helpless. It also has a story that is logical and fun, despite some of the story points being slightly grim.


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