Recommended Comics List Of 4 Strange-Fu Edition

1. Doctor Strange: Season One published back in 2012 is a great reimagining of Doctor Strange and Wong's origins. The art is some of the best I have ever seen for a mystic story.

2. The Knights Of Pendragon #1 from 1990. While the story and art are great I am really recommending it because of a superhero (Captain Britain) standing next to a schlub of a leading man (Dai) moment.

3. Having a justifiable reason for changing a notable item, character, series, etc. Without a good enough reason you could end up pissing off your fans of said thing/person/series. Think superhero fashion, or Star Wars prequels force versus the original force explanation.

4. From Image we have 2014's Goners #1. Recommended for horror fans that like laughing a little at horrific things. However, it is not for people who dislike cartoonish art styles.


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