Resurrectionists Issue 1 Mini-Review

    The idea of telling a story about reincarnation or reincarnated characters is nothing new. Basing it around Egyptians myths is nothing new. However there is something about the way Fred Van Lente wrote this story that feels different. What exactly this difference is I am not able to put my finger on yet. I can say for sure that the art and coloring bring a realness to this story both in the designs and skin tones. Also the transitions from past to present flow naturally thanks to the artist and writer. Now if you don't have an open mind regarding what can happen after death then I would recommend avoiding this series. I will recommend this to everyone who can keep their beliefs separate from a fictional story.

   Note: The reason I am keeping this review short is because I am trying to keep my reincarnation being tied to the multiverse opinion/theory/experiences to myself.


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