Sailor Moon Crystal Act 2 Ami Opinion Piece with Potential Spoilers

     This episode had a massive amount of differences versus the original anime. First we get things from Ami's perspective at times, and this is not only different but more interesting story-wise. Also Luna has a better reason for being interested in Ami than in the anime. Luna in this version thinks she could be an ally versus in the 1990s anime thinking she could be evil. Another great difference is we get better explanations for things like why Queen Beryl has a frigging army she never uses. In this version there is no army just being her constantly useless audience. Instead we get ghoul like monsters that have to be summoned up from the ground or somewhere. This is awesome!

      Finally the questions I am left with are: Is this show less pervy in regards to the Sailor Guardians transformations, or am I just not noticing something? If Jadeite is just one of four kings does that mean the Queen is into bigamy?


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