Sailor Moon Crystal Act 3 Rei Opinion Piece with Potential Spoilers

   I'm so glad they have Mamoru in his second year high school instead of in college like the anime did. It makes it a lot less sleazy since he and Usagi are probably only two, maybe three, years apart in age. Also since they are both under eighteen they are not breaking Japanese law if it is suggested they have implications of a sexual relationship. I also like that this version of events happen quicker in its timeline because it shows the Sailor Guardians as more competent. Though it was kind of more perverted than the anime version, I did love the rainbow sparkly bits in Rei's transformation. They reminded me of how She-Ra's transformation worked. The fire visuals were also beautifully animated.

    My questions for this episode include: Anyone else think of Rei possibly becoming a strict professional in a future job due to Rei's choice of the word "Chastisement?" How many moon birth-marked cats are there that Tuxedo Mask couldn't figure out Usagi's Identity?


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