Sailor Moon Crystal Act 7 Mamoru Chiba Tuxedo Mask With Potential Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!  

  Damn! This episode is one of the most action packed and romantic episodes so far. I mean Tuxedo Mask straight up punches at Zoisite. Sure Mamoru's punch is deflected but still it is a nice attempt. Also the opening with Mamoru and Usagi in his apartment is really romantic for all that is left unsaid verbally. We get a surprising crest on Sailor V's head, and a direct continuation from last episode cliffhanger ending. It also seems we will be continuing with this new way of ending and beginning episodes.

     Question time! Why were so many going to the "Dark" rental store for DVDs? What was the deal with breaking a window with a bat to find Sailor Moon? How did they get the command center built under the arcade? Who built it?


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