Sailor Moon Crystal Act 9 Serenity Princess Opinion Piece With Spoilers

   This show is more tragic and violent than the original Sailor Moon anime in terms of it's back story and general nature. Still loving the design work for the outfits and characters still, except for the cgi transformations. I mean pick an animation style that isn't so glaringly different next time. Really there is not much to say except this hit me harder during the hysterics bits versus the original. Also having never read the Manga, I was intrigued by the changed look for Usagi.

   Questions: Also is Beryl a reincarnation of the prince's killer? Will we ever find out where the clothes go during the transformed times? How fast did Usagi's hair grow in terms of days? Did Artemis not have a memory block in this version of events? Finally how did Earth people get to the moon in the past time, magic perhaps?


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