Stache Publishing & The Comic Book Project Press Release


Nov. 14 - Stache will publish a collection of thirteen short comics offering an entertaining diversion from the ordinary. Out of the Blue contributors include New York Times bestselling comic creators and winners of the Eisner and Ghastly awards. The collection will be published as a paperback on December 1, 2014. 

"The anthology started with an online brainstorming session among comic creators. We quickly realized that a recurring theme in the strongest submissions was an element of the strange," said Marta Tanrikulu, co-editor. 

Proceeds from the anthology will go to The Comic Book Project, a charity that has helped over 100,000 children write, design, and publish original comic books. 

"Stache's mission is to get people to experience the fun and personal fulfillment that comes from making comics," said Anthony Mathenia, project manager for Stache. "With Out of the Blue we are excited to team up with The Comic Book Project and inspire the next generation of comic creators."  

Out of the Blue will be available in ebook and print formats online and in retail stories. 

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