The Death-Defying Dr. Mirage Issue 3 Review

    This creative team has succeeded now with both the second part and this third part of the debut of Dr. Mirage. For example Dave Lanphear gives more cool lettering styles for readers to enjoy. As for the coloring and art, they are as cool as last time in issue 2, and have shown some improvement in the real world areas. (Of course it could just be I am used to it now and that issue 1 was just a creative shock to me.) As for the flashbacks, they have turned out to be important, and this issue has a story of its own I would like to see explored in a possible prequel mini-series. Heck, I would like it explored in a possible future series issue 0. That is if this creative team were to tell it.

    I recommend this for would-be mystics, fans of netherworld myths, and just people looking for a good comic.


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