Unity Issue 12 Review With Spoilers

    This issue is hindered by the villains, and I use the term loosely, and the plot. The villains are  either generic mirrors of the main characters, or in the case of the aquatic character a generic homage of the type. Even their names, such as "Stock" and "Gang", do not help this feeling. As for the plot it is typical and almost like all the others we have seen in the wake of comics like Squadron Supreme & The Authority. However I did see some originality in the writing with how these elements played out and the characters' actions. For example there is actual intelligence gathering by the opposing group. This is almost never done.

     Add into this equation great art and coloring, as well as a lettering job that is solid except for a small typo in the summary, and you have a comic I recommend other comic readers should pick up. Oh and did I mention it is friendly for those new to the series. You can go buy it now either digitally or in a comic store near you.


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