Usagi Yojimbo Senso Issue 4 Day Of Release Review Spoilers

   If I had never read a comic, and was going to ask for a recommendation, this issue would be what I would want recommended. Not only is it new reader friendly but it is a great melding of Eastern & Western mythos. We get Martians (the western) versus humanoid animal beings like the titular Usagi Yojimbo who is like a samurai warrior(eastern). There is also the fact you get a beautiful colored cover thanks to creator Stan Sakai & colorist Tom Luth. The interiors not being colored helps show how varied comics can get. I also love the clear emotions shown through the characters' expressions.

    This purely awesome comic is one I recommend you buy no matter if you are new to the medium or a seasoned veteran. While you are at it buy a copy for a kid you know.


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