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Q2: The Return Of Quantum And Woody Issue 3 Review

Christopher Priest has less funny situations and more straight up, not to mention serious, super-heroics. This hurts the book due to the prior issues. As does the "hero might be crazy" idea that is common in Priest's work. (Example of this is his Hawkman run from the 1990s.) As for the art, coloring, and lettering they are all a-plus. Finally this issue really does not reveal much except through its flashbacks, which are shown in an orange color.

   I am evenly split on both recommending it and not recommending it. It is a serviceable issue, except it is a horrible point for readers to hop on too. Though this part will read better in a collected format for all readers. So my final verdict is to not recommend it in single issue format.

The Death-Defying Dr. Mirage Issue 4 Review

This issue I really liked for a few reasons. The shifts in the art for each dimension makes each scene elicit a different emotion. (At least it did this for me.) We also get some realistic dialogue in surreal situations. This is much better than the magical gibberish we typically get in stories from the supernatural/horror genre. Finally there is the exposition that feels natural for the characters to give each other. I saw no problems in this issue so I have no complaints to share this time around.

     My verdict: I recommend this penultimate issue.

Unity Issue 13 Review

There is possibly one lettering mistake. I say possibly because while a character's thoughts interrupt a speech balloon it might be on purpose to show the character is not listening. Either way this both works for and against this issue. The coloring I have nothing to say for or against, except it was a solid job. In regards to the art it had very strong line work and clear characterization.

  As for the story I found the thought text to be very natural. Also the "bad guy" team member backstories shown in this issue provide a deeper mystery that could be explored later. In my opinion that is a very good thing that shows clear long term planning. The shift in an opinion that happens in this story is a realistic one. Overall I think this is a great issue and I recommend it.

Harbinger Faith Issue 0 Review

While I normally like the spotlight issues I feel this issue is a bit late to the party, not to mention a bit unnecessary. It is late to the party due to the fact that her joining Unity as a team member happened in Unity number 12, which was released before this issue. This is also why it is unnecessary, but it is only one of three reasons. The second being it provides too much of a good character. Faith is just too upbeat about life that a whole story primarily about her does not have enough comparative low points to match the happy and neutral times. Finally the fact that a lot of this could have been covered with some dialogue or flashback in Unity does not help this issue.

   However, all the creatives did an excellent job on this issue. Also I feel like I got to see a new side of Faith. I recommend this issue, because even without equal low points and the other reasoning mentioned above it is still a good comic and character study.

X-O Manowar Advance Review Issue 31

The art is much better compared to the previous issue. While none of the cover art is to my liking that is a personal preference versus there being any actual problems with the art. Though I do feel the "soon" segments could have done a bit better with the designs of the settings. As for the story, I feel that the villain borders between realistic and cartoon-like. On the other hand he is a good mirror to Aric's characterization. I recommend this issue be picked up either in 2014 or in the starting days of 2015.

Predator Fire And Stone Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

    The art is scratchy looking and seems to vary certain aspects of the the characters from one panel to another. For example sometimes the faces look flattened and other times they look normal. Both art problems end up making the art feel rushed. As for the coloring it is overly subdued in the flashback, and not much lighter in the other areas. The lettering I have no complaints about.

    Now as for the story it has taken a weird turn since last issue with the Predator somehow being understood by the human lead. I don't mean the Predator is speaking English but that the human lead is somehow getting the meaning of what is said. He did not understand the Predator's dialogue last issue. A final problem comes with the help from the human survivors that our human lead betrayed in earlier events. They would most likely have killed the Predator in his sleep and forced the guy to pilot the ship.

 I can't recommend this issue.

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Merry Angry Edition

1. Marvel Holiday Special #1 from 1991 is a horrible anthology. Featuring some offensive moments involving the Blob implying something about his privates and a mother. Storm never having been around a christmas tree before. This is offensive due to the fact that Kenya has had christian missionaries going there for decades and thus having to celebrate christmas there. There are coloring problems in the Ghost Rider story with the blind kid switching between black and white skin pigmentations. The stories seem to be written more for money versus trying to entertain readers.

2. Flash #59, circa 1992, has some strange art differences for supporting character Mason's face depending on the panel. For example it looks like Mason's face has melted slightly in some panels. Also the theme of romance mentioned on the cover is a lie since the story never delivers anything close to that theme.

3. Having Superman exist in a realistic universe. Reason number infinity for not doing this is the…

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 31

This episode is weird! We get no explanation for the massive amount of cats interested in Luna. Nor do we have the reasoning for the rats that besiege and then move with Zoisite. Plus the Hercules reference in the original English dub and the Rhett Butler/Gone With Wind references in the Japanese dub are nutty. Finally we have the butthole of Rhett Butler/Hercules/Fat cat being shown in both versions. WTH! In all I just don't see the real point of this episode.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 Issue 10 Advance Review

The pacing was a little choppy during scene shifts, but other than that relatively minor problem there really is no reason not to recommend this book. We get some updates to each character's status quo. Not to mention this issue lets the fans and season breathe. Also there are a few elements that make it seem like fan comments and fan fictions are read by those working on the book. Finally while I have some nitpicks about this issue I feel that overall it is a solid Buffy comic that fans might want to check out. In one word: Recommended.

Eerie Issue 6 Review

Most of the stories in this issue feel better suited to Creepy than Eerie. This being said I found four reasons to recommend this comic. First off is the solid line work from all the artists. The art is so good that they could tell the tales without words being necessary for all but the reprint story. Speaking of which the reprint story from the Eerie Archives is the second reason I recommend checking out this comic. It perfectly fits with the seasonal themes in this comic as well as being horrific in an otherworldly sense. Next is the second story which unfolds in a most ghastly manner, with a bit of dark comedy thrown in. Finally there is the cover and pin-up art that will appeal to horror fans.

Dark Horse Presents Volume 3 Issue 5 Review

"Odin's Mighty Return" is a bit of an opinion piece in its take on super heroes. With two iconic characters being obvious representatives of two companies. Art-wise it is dark, but not quite moody, in its aesthetic nature. It has lots of black and grays and very few bright colors. The writing itself works well with the art and building this character. However, the dialogue at the end is a little off in my opinion. Why this last bit seems off is something I can't put my finger on.

    Now as for the epic and eye-popping cover by Alex Ross. It has a story about it that publisher Mike Richardson depicts wonderfully in words for our imaginations. Also while there are other stories in this comic only one really stood out to me besides the Odin story. That story being "Murder Book: Double Tap" by Ed Brisson & Declan Shalvey which is a realistic crime tale with a few twists. All said I do recommend all the stories in this issue.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 12 Enemy Queen Metalia

I was expecting something to happen to the knights, but not for them to go out so quickly. Also was not expecting all the new powers that the scouts used, such as the shields. However I love each new power that is displayed. Finally I was shocked by the ending to this episode and the end of Queen Beryl at the beginning. This is because I was not expecting the sword to be used in the ways the Scouts did in the beginning and end.

     Questions: Again I ask is it Queen Metalia Or Queen Metaria? Is next episode where they are ending this series or will there be more? (Hoping for more, but they did use the term "Final Battle" on the title card.) Why is it called D-Point? Is there a Z-Point? "Venus Love-Me Chain" is seriously the attack name for Venus's Main Attack?

Weird Ideas List Of 4 The Ring Of That Eye Hobbit Edition

1. If the world in The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings is Middle Earth then are there middle planets for the rest of the solar system?

2. Assuming it was possible why did no one try to find, and kill, that evil flaming eye in the tower?

3. Are people constantly impossibly high just from existing on the Highest Earth?

4. By that token are those existing on the Lowest Earth constantly suffering from depression?

Recommended Comics List of 4 Devil Details Edition With Some Spoilers

Warning of Potential Spoilers In This Edition!

1. Mega Man #44, released in December 2014, is a great issue for several reasons. First we get a great horror genre kind of moment with Roll. The creative team did a great job on each of their parts of the issue. Dr. Light reaction's reaction to the finding out Dr. Wily is still evil. A Robot Master flashing back to friendly moments with the other Robot Masters.

2. TheKnights Of Pendragon #2, published 1990, has an epic cover by Alan Davis. Seriously, a demonic looking mammoth crashing past trees with a knight in the way is just wow material. Not to mention it is a cover that greatly represents some of the interior story. The story being both a continuation of events from issue 1 and a advocation for animal preserves. This issue is so good I have never taken the free poster out of my copy of it.

3. Again we have another issue of TheKnights Of Pendragon! This time it is TheKnights Of Pendragon #4 from 1990. Featuring awesome fight scen…

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 30

DIC really blew it on the dubbing of the original English version of this episode. Though I did like Chad (new dude who's Japanese name I can't remember) being a 90s metalhead looking rocker in the english version. I mean it makes him more hilarious than the simple apprentice in love with Rei deal in the Japanese version. However, both versions suck during the Hanna-Barbera style chase scene with Jiji/Grandpa. That part is too goofy.

  Now for questions: Why was marriage mentioned after the kiss on the cheek? Is it just me or is Jji Grandpa taller than regular Grandpa? What is Grandpa's first name? What happened to Rei's parent's?  If Rei's Grandpa was perhaps twenty years younger could he have completely defeated Zoisite? Does anyone else want an alternate universe manga featuring Rei's Grandpa fighting demons in an exorcist meets supernatural action hero story?

Elektra Issue 9 Day of Review

This issue is interesting in how experimental in gets with the narrative early on before going back to the regular look from artist Michael Del Mundo. It reminds me very much of David Mack's style, but yet it Del Mundo keeps his own sense of self in the experimental art. As for the writing the logic for most of the issue is great. However towards end the writing goes from something that could possibly stand on its own to something that requires being read in collected form. The coloring and lettering are solid in this issue and I really can't speak for or against them. I recommend picking this issue up when you can.

Prometheus Fire And Stone # 4 Review Potential Spoilers

Warning of Potential Spoilers!

     I found the story to be logical though also a bit depressing due to the ending of this issue in the Alien/Predator/Prometheus crossover, but logical none the less. The characters do dumb things but they are the result of the scenario and not because of a lack of intelligence. As for the colors they evoke a sense of dread and danger. The art itself is distinctive in terms of characters and what their body languages tell the reader. 
    Now what I did not like was the way the last few pages jump from one scene to another in a way that seemed to be a jump cut. However, since I was able to see that it was not a jump cut after re-reading the pages I will recommend this issue. It is out now so if you are a fan of the Aliens movie franchise you can purchase this comic after having read this.

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Devil Detail Edition

1. Flash #55 from 1991 was part of DC's War Of The Gods crossover, and boy was it obviously a tie-in. The basis for the whole story relies on having knowledge from the main series in the crossover. It is serviceable as a comic, but just good enough to be worth recommending in my opinion.

2. From 1994 we have Flash #89. We start with a very 90s hyper-stylized, to the point of absurdity, cover and go on to bad interior art. On the first page a woman with a clearly broken back. Later we get some pages missing backgrounds or foregrounds. The only things not missing are the characters and the dialogue.

3. Martian Manhunter #3 circa 1988. The art is sort of all over the place from obtuse and experimental looking to realistic, and finally to cartoonish in a half-drawn looking way. If the art was better this would be a recommendation.

4. Conan The Barbarian #227 published back 1989. The main problem is this comic has too many varying art styles and character designs. The styles are distin…

Safety Tips Reblogged

This is a reblogged post that I did not write. Please bring this to the attention of others and reblog it on your own blogs.  booknerd55: mouss-e: somepinkfluffy-dinosaur: ‎”THROUGH A RAPIST’S EYES” (PLS TAKE TIME TO READ THIS. it may save a life.) Reblog this!
It seems that alot of attackers use some tactic to get away with violence. Not many people know how to take care of themselves when faced with such a
situation. Everyone should read this especially each n every girl in this world. THOUGHT THIS WAS GOOD INFO TO PASS ALONG…

FYI - Through a rapist’s eyes! A group of rapists and date rapists in prison were interviewed on what they look for in a potential victim and here are some interesting facts:

1] The first thing men look for in a potential victim is hairstyle.
They are most likely to go after a woman with a ponytail, bun! , braid, or other hairstyle that can easily be grabbed. They are also likely to go after a woman with long hair. Women with short hair are not common targets.

2] The s…

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Saintly Edition

1. Stalker #2 published by DC is not perfect as an comic, but it is a damn good sword and sorcery story. The only real problem is that the creative team could not decide whether Stalker has emotions without his soul or not. Otherwise this is a good tale from 1975.

2. Existence 2.0 #3 published by image back in 2009. While it is the only issue of this series I have read it was a good read. Very logical in narrative with distinctive voices and good character designs.

3. Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor #5 from Titan Comics circa 2014 has some good humor strips. Also the main story is both good as a continuing serial and a stand-alone tale.

4. Published by Image in 2014 is Lazarus #13. This issue seems like a good introduction for people jumping on, while at the same time it progresses the story for regular readers. Definitely for mature readers though.

X Issue 20 Review

Excellent issue with epic consequences for the X man. The interior art has strong line work. Each page has depth, and a sense of mass, in every panel. The exterior cover art is not exactly the most interesting I have ever seen, but still it is a great piece of work. Writing could use a better more of a difference in the character voices, however overall an awesome job was done.

   Now I not only recommend this issue, but I recommend the original art be bought if one is a collector of such things. Assuming the artist ever decides to sell it.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 29

Man, the original English dubbing censored a lot of things, or just plain changed them! For example the weather is presented straight forward in the Japanese dubbing, but in the 90s' English dubbing we got a radio shock jock. Also Zoisite's bashing of Reika, by saying she is ugly, is pretty much a non-issue in the 90s' English version. Obviously due to potential parent freak out the original U.S.A. dubbing presenting Zoisite as a woman changed the homosexual relationship between Zoisite and Kunzite.

    Questions: Does Reika or any of the others, excluding the boy who loved Ami, remember their time as monsters after being transformed back to humans? If so is it a clear recollection or just a vague one? Does anyone else think the monster version of Reika looks stuck in the 1980s in terms of her design? Are the Rainbow Crystal monsters being resurrected in their original forms or in slightly different forms? Why does Usagi associate aprons with marriage if she is useles…

Itty Bitty Mask Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!   

     I know it is aimed at little kids and those looking for light hearted gags, but I have to ask the following question: Why are there stars in the sky during the day in this comic? Seriously the husband from last issue is doing his zoo keeper job and mentions it is morning. Mind you this is during a Mask related incident, but still it screws with what little logic this comic has within it.

     While this story is a little bit better compared with the gags from last issue there is still one final problem. Said stumbling block is that we have seen these two creators do the same sort of gags in this style multiple times already. Their schtick is becoming a bit stale and repetitive. I can't recommend this comic, or possibly any other "Aw Yeah" style comics, until I see something that actually seems new from this creative team.

Not Recommended Comics List of 4 Lacking Energy Edition

1. Ant-Man: Season One circa 2012. Horrible pacing, unbelievable garage laboratory, almost the same scene used twice, unlikable characterizations.

2. 1983's Wonder Woman #300 is an example of how not to credit multiple creators. What I mean by this is that I do not recommend spreading out the credits to the respective parts of a comic. If you are dealing with creative credits in comics then you should put them on one page. It is a good way to make sure the readers know who did what, and to make sure no creator gets screwed on the credit. (As for the comic itself I would recommend it.)

3. Masters Of The Universe #5 circa 1987. Bad dialogue and stock toy advert type art.

4. Superman Annual #12 circa 1986. A stock character not believing in aliens, and this is after several years of living in a world with Superman and regular alien invasion attempts! Also too many unnecessary scenes and characters.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 11 Reunion Endymion Opinion Piece

The transformations seemed to take a few seconds more than normal. Also is it supposed to be Queen Metalia or Queen Metaria? The captions say one thing but the title card for the next act spelled it as Metaria. Another odd thing is the fact that there is enough room for Luna to fit comfortably between the Arcade Games in Sailor V row. (Honestly, why would an arcade have so many of the same game?) Finally where the heck was Beryl hiding in the command center. I mean she just shows up out of seemingly nowhere, yet last time she was all big entrance.

Rai Issue 5 Plus Edition Review

This review covers the regular material as well as the plus edition material.

   There is a jump cut in the main story and that is only negative in the regular version of Rai #5. As for the story it self it shows plenty of improvement in terms of the art and writing. I don't know if it was a schedule overload, or just getting used to this new version, or simply taking a breather, but Matt Kindt & Clayton Crain are kicking butt now. Also we get some surprises that you will need to pay close attention to get.

   I recommend this issue be bought in plus edition format, because you get the first stories for Valiant's 4100 AD Japan without the regular writer and/or artist. The art is a bit scratchy on the Nico story, but otherwise it is a solid story by a different creative team. I also think the pin-up information on about the P.T.s is interesting for what it says and omits about these fake people. There is more so why not take my suggestion about hopping on board with Rai …

Valiant-sized Quantum And Woody Issue 1 Review

To avoid spoiling this fantastic issue I will be just talking about the broad strokes.

     The first part of this three act story I found to be in the vein of Blazing Saddles in regards to the humor of it. Even though some of the racism borders on being overt it is still done in a self-aware do not take seriously type of fashion. We also get political and social commentary in each part of this massive story that leads into the upcoming Quantum And Woody Must Die comic. This is a sick, depraved, but beautifully drawn story. I recommend it for those readers out in the world who like twisted holiday parodies.

      Note: The comic is partly in rhyme which made me consider taking the time to write this review in that style.

Eternal Warrior Days Of Steel Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Warning of Spoilers!

This comic is solid in terms of the creative efforts put into it. However, it still has yet to live up to the subtitle "Days Of Steel." This hurts the series by making it obviously written for the collected edition format. Also the killing of one of the twins has, in my opinion, hurt the series. The confusion over the twins was a subplot that could have used more development. Though again this is just my opinion. I will recommend this issue from this past week simply due to the general quality of the comic.

The Ghost Fleet Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Beware Of Spoilers!

   I am recommending this issue even though I am not entirely pleased with it. We have a rich, evil secret society complete with U.S. senator which is a slight tired cliche. However I will admit I am pleased that some of the senator's dialogue makes this cliche less tired. Said dialogue is about co-opting the titular company/fleet. Also I found a typo in the form of a missing "T" for the word "This." Despite these problems I feel the creative team is still doing awesome work.

Angel & Faith Season 10 Issue 9 Review

The art is good to excellent in this issue. I found the lettering and coloring to be expertly done. Each action sequence is well choreographed. However one sentence said by Angel is clunky. As for Faith, her storyline is somewhat predictable so the cliffhanger ending was a bit of a letdown. I am recommending this issue for hardcore fans of the Buffyverse/Whedonverse, but not for everyone else.

Iron Fist The Living Weapon Issue 7 Review With Spoilers

Warning of spoilers in this review!
    This comic series is one that, like the last The Immortal Iron Fist series, deserves more readers. In this issue we have more epic strangeness involving Danny's past with Sparrow and his first meeting with Fooh. We even get an interesting development in present day by the end of the issue due to Danny's lack of development. This is the first time I have ever found a de-powered character story arc this interesting. If Marvel ever has to cancel this series then they need to just do graphic novels of Iron Fist: The Living Weapon featuring Kaare Andrews and VC's Joe Caramagna as the creative team.
     In other words I recommend Fooh and this issue!

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 28

This is a bit of a relatively quiet episode no matter which 90s dubbing one views. I mean it basically exists to further the rainbow crystals plot and the love story plot. I still don't like not knowing if Mamoru/Darien is in college after skipping a few grades. At least if he is a teenager still I would feel a little less wary of him being in a relationship with a 14 year old Usagi. I did enjoy the art work done by the one off character/monster in the episode. Also good were the social messages in both dubbings about being brave enough to make and be happy with one's self.

    Questions: Where do the scouts magic powers originate from? Does Tuxedo Mask have magic powers in this anime? (I believe so since he transformed in this anime.) Why did Zoisite break the house window? Why did Zoisite go to a construction site and not back to the Dark Kingdom/Negaverse with the monster and crystal? Am I the first to ask any of these Sailor Moon related questions?

Tomb Raider Issue 10 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

  The action in this comic is great, as is the characterization. We get Lara Croft avenging her "family" while fighting a kill team, albeit a recently found surrogate family from Russia, but still family. Also cool is the toughness of the surviving Russian family, and the possible implications of the cliffhanger ending. The coloring and lettering are top-notch by the way. Last but not least the fact that there are two writers on this issue is not apparent. Meaning Gail Simone and Rhianna Pratchett either work extremely well together or/and their editorial team is kicking the butt of any problems in the script.

   One thing however makes no sense to me. This one thing has to do with the fact that Lara is still adventuring in Russia throughout the issue, yet on the cover she is riding a camel in a Middle Eastern looking locale. I know that covers can vary between being part of the narrative and not being part of it, but this is a bit of a mis-step. Comics base…

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 10 Moon Opinion Piece

Usagi and Mamoru basically played out Romeo and Juliet in their past lives. Weird and kind of shocking to see for the first time! I do wonder if the miniature hologram of the deceased Queen Serenity was small for necessary reasons. Such as power saving for an unknown amount of time. (They did say earth history started over again.) Also I loved the fact that the fountain that Usagi saw Mamoru near was used to reach the moon?

  Questions: If Queen Serenity was the only one allowed in that area originally, then did she build the hologram device? Finally Queen Metalia is what exactly? An interdimensional invader perhaps?