Dark Horse Presents Volume 3 Issue 5 Review

   "Odin's Mighty Return" is a bit of an opinion piece in its take on super heroes. With two iconic characters being obvious representatives of two companies. Art-wise it is dark, but not quite moody, in its aesthetic nature. It has lots of black and grays and very few bright colors. The writing itself works well with the art and building this character. However, the dialogue at the end is a little off in my opinion. Why this last bit seems off is something I can't put my finger on.

    Now as for the epic and eye-popping cover by Alex Ross. It has a story about it that publisher Mike Richardson depicts wonderfully in words for our imaginations. Also while there are other stories in this comic only one really stood out to me besides the Odin story. That story being "Murder Book: Double Tap" by Ed Brisson & Declan Shalvey which is a realistic crime tale with a few twists. All said I do recommend all the stories in this issue.


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