Harbinger Faith Issue 0 Review

  While I normally like the spotlight issues I feel this issue is a bit late to the party, not to mention a bit unnecessary. It is late to the party due to the fact that her joining Unity as a team member happened in Unity number 12, which was released before this issue. This is also why it is unnecessary, but it is only one of three reasons. The second being it provides too much of a good character. Faith is just too upbeat about life that a whole story primarily about her does not have enough comparative low points to match the happy and neutral times. Finally the fact that a lot of this could have been covered with some dialogue or flashback in Unity does not help this issue.

   However, all the creatives did an excellent job on this issue. Also I feel like I got to see a new side of Faith. I recommend this issue, because even without equal low points and the other reasoning mentioned above it is still a good comic and character study.


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