In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 30

   DIC really blew it on the dubbing of the original English version of this episode. Though I did like Chad (new dude who's Japanese name I can't remember) being a 90s metalhead looking rocker in the english version. I mean it makes him more hilarious than the simple apprentice in love with Rei deal in the Japanese version. However, both versions suck during the Hanna-Barbera style chase scene with Jiji/Grandpa. That part is too goofy.

  Now for questions: Why was marriage mentioned after the kiss on the cheek? Is it just me or is Jji Grandpa taller than regular Grandpa? What is Grandpa's first name? What happened to Rei's parent's?  If Rei's Grandpa was perhaps twenty years younger could he have completely defeated Zoisite? Does anyone else want an alternate universe manga featuring Rei's Grandpa fighting demons in an exorcist meets supernatural action hero story?


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