Itty Bitty Mask Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!   

     I know it is aimed at little kids and those looking for light hearted gags, but I have to ask the following question: Why are there stars in the sky during the day in this comic? Seriously the husband from last issue is doing his zoo keeper job and mentions it is morning. Mind you this is during a Mask related incident, but still it screws with what little logic this comic has within it.

     While this story is a little bit better compared with the gags from last issue there is still one final problem. Said stumbling block is that we have seen these two creators do the same sort of gags in this style multiple times already. Their schtick is becoming a bit stale and repetitive. I can't recommend this comic, or possibly any other "Aw Yeah" style comics, until I see something that actually seems new from this creative team.


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