Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Devil Detail Edition

1. Flash #55 from 1991 was part of DC's War Of The Gods crossover, and boy was it obviously a tie-in. The basis for the whole story relies on having knowledge from the main series in the crossover. It is serviceable as a comic, but just good enough to be worth recommending in my opinion.

2. From 1994 we have Flash #89. We start with a very 90s hyper-stylized, to the point of absurdity, cover and go on to bad interior art. On the first page a woman with a clearly broken back. Later we get some pages missing backgrounds or foregrounds. The only things not missing are the characters and the dialogue.

3. Martian Manhunter #3 circa 1988. The art is sort of all over the place from obtuse and experimental looking to realistic, and finally to cartoonish in a half-drawn looking way. If the art was better this would be a recommendation.

4. Conan The Barbarian #227 published back 1989. The main problem is this comic has too many varying art styles and character designs. The styles are distinctly different and take a reader out of the story.


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