Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Merry Angry Edition

1. Marvel Holiday Special #1 from 1991 is a horrible anthology. Featuring some offensive moments involving the Blob implying something about his privates and a mother. Storm never having been around a christmas tree before. This is offensive due to the fact that Kenya has had christian missionaries going there for decades and thus having to celebrate christmas there. There are coloring problems in the Ghost Rider story with the blind kid switching between black and white skin pigmentations. The stories seem to be written more for money versus trying to entertain readers.

2. Flash #59, circa 1992, has some strange art differences for supporting character Mason's face depending on the panel. For example it looks like Mason's face has melted slightly in some panels. Also the theme of romance mentioned on the cover is a lie since the story never delivers anything close to that theme.

3. Having Superman exist in a realistic universe. Reason number infinity for not doing this is the simple fact of his medical records being scarce and suspect. Therefore someone could easily figure out Clark is something other than human.

4. Guardians Of The Galaxy #1 from 1990 has a major problem besides an in-consistent art style. It explains in text literally everything that happens. Comics are a visual medium and the main work is 50 percent artist and 50 percent writer. So if you see way too much text it is not allowing the artist to show what they can do.


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