Not Recommended Comics List of 4 Lacking Energy Edition

1. Ant-Man: Season One circa 2012. Horrible pacing, unbelievable garage laboratory, almost the same scene used twice, unlikable characterizations.

2. 1983's Wonder Woman #300 is an example of how not to credit multiple creators. What I mean by this is that I do not recommend spreading out the credits to the respective parts of a comic. If you are dealing with creative credits in comics then you should put them on one page. It is a good way to make sure the readers know who did what, and to make sure no creator gets screwed on the credit. (As for the comic itself I would recommend it.)

3. Masters Of The Universe #5 circa 1987. Bad dialogue and stock toy advert type art.

4. Superman Annual #12 circa 1986. A stock character not believing in aliens, and this is after several years of living in a world with Superman and regular alien invasion attempts! Also too many unnecessary scenes and characters.


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