Predator Fire And Stone Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!  

    The art is scratchy looking and seems to vary certain aspects of the the characters from one panel to another. For example sometimes the faces look flattened and other times they look normal. Both art problems end up making the art feel rushed. As for the coloring it is overly subdued in the flashback, and not much lighter in the other areas. The lettering I have no complaints about.

    Now as for the story it has taken a weird turn since last issue with the Predator somehow being understood by the human lead. I don't mean the Predator is speaking English but that the human lead is somehow getting the meaning of what is said. He did not understand the Predator's dialogue last issue. A final problem comes with the help from the human survivors that our human lead betrayed in earlier events. They would most likely have killed the Predator in his sleep and forced the guy to pilot the ship.

 I can't recommend this issue.


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