Prometheus Fire And Stone # 4 Review Potential Spoilers

Warning of Potential Spoilers!

     I found the story to be logical though also a bit depressing due to the ending of this issue in the Alien/Predator/Prometheus crossover, but logical none the less. The characters do dumb things but they are the result of the scenario and not because of a lack of intelligence. As for the colors they evoke a sense of dread and danger. The art itself is distinctive in terms of characters and what their body languages tell the reader. 

    Now what I did not like was the way the last few pages jump from one scene to another in a way that seemed to be a jump cut. However, since I was able to see that it was not a jump cut after re-reading the pages I will recommend this issue. It is out now so if you are a fan of the Aliens movie franchise you can purchase this comic after having read this.


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