Rai Issue 5 Plus Edition Review

   This review covers the regular material as well as the plus edition material.

   There is a jump cut in the main story and that is only negative in the regular version of Rai #5. As for the story it self it shows plenty of improvement in terms of the art and writing. I don't know if it was a schedule overload, or just getting used to this new version, or simply taking a breather, but Matt Kindt & Clayton Crain are kicking butt now. Also we get some surprises that you will need to pay close attention to get.

   I recommend this issue be bought in plus edition format, because you get the first stories for Valiant's 4100 AD Japan without the regular writer and/or artist. The art is a bit scratchy on the Nico story, but otherwise it is a solid story by a different creative team. I also think the pin-up information on about the P.T.s is interesting for what it says and omits about these fake people. There is more so why not take my suggestion about hopping on board with Rai # 5.


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