Recommended Comics List of 4 Devil Details Edition With Some Spoilers

Warning of Potential Spoilers In This Edition!

1. Mega Man #44, released in December 2014, is a great issue for several reasons. First we get a great horror genre kind of moment with Roll. The creative team did a great job on each of their parts of the issue. Dr. Light reaction's reaction to the finding out Dr. Wily is still evil. A Robot Master flashing back to friendly moments with the other Robot Masters.

2. The Knights Of Pendragon #2, published 1990, has an epic cover by Alan Davis. Seriously, a demonic looking mammoth crashing past trees with a knight in the way is just wow material. Not to mention it is a cover that greatly represents some of the interior story. The story being both a continuation of events from issue 1 and a advocation for animal preserves. This issue is so good I have never taken the free poster out of my copy of it.

3. Again we have another issue of The Knights Of Pendragon! This time it is The Knights Of Pendragon #4 from 1990. Featuring awesome fight scenes and intriguing developments, including Captain Britain joining the story again.

4. Deathlok #11 from 1992 is a good comic despite the very 1990s style cover. The story and coloring are what really sell this comic. Any change in the coloring could have drastic undone the finished interior art by Denys Cowan and Mike Manley. As for the story, it has a very sympathetic former villain turned anti-hero/industrial spy/prosthetics expert. In fact if you take away the superhero events you have the makings of more potential stories.


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