Recommended Comics List Of 4 Saintly Edition

1. Stalker #2 published by DC is not perfect as an comic, but it is a damn good sword and sorcery story. The only real problem is that the creative team could not decide whether Stalker has emotions without his soul or not. Otherwise this is a good tale from 1975.

2. Existence 2.0 #3 published by image back in 2009. While it is the only issue of this series I have read it was a good read. Very logical in narrative with distinctive voices and good character designs.

3. Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor #5 from Titan Books circa 2014 has some good humor strips. Also the main story is both good as a continuing serial and a stand-alone tale.

4. Published by Image in 2014 is Lazarus #13. This issue seems like a good introduction for people jumping on, while at the same time it progresses the story for regular readers. Definitely for mature readers though.


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