Sailor Moon Crystal Act 12 Enemy Queen Metalia

     I was expecting something to happen to the knights, but not for them to go out so quickly. Also was not expecting all the new powers that the scouts used, such as the shields. However I love each new power that is displayed. Finally I was shocked by the ending to this episode and the end of Queen Beryl at the beginning. This is because I was not expecting the sword to be used in the ways the Scouts did in the beginning and end.

     Questions: Again I ask is it Queen Metalia Or Queen Metaria? Is next episode where they are ending this series or will there be more? (Hoping for more, but they did use the term "Final Battle" on the title card.) Why is it called D-Point? Is there a Z-Point? "Venus Love-Me Chain" is seriously the attack name for Venus's Main Attack?


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