Tomb Raider Issue 10 Review With Spoilers

   Spoiler Warning!


  The action in this comic is great, as is the characterization. We get Lara Croft avenging her "family" while fighting a kill team, albeit a recently found surrogate family from Russia, but still family. Also cool is the toughness of the surviving Russian family, and the possible implications of the cliffhanger ending. The coloring and lettering are top-notch by the way. Last but not least the fact that there are two writers on this issue is not apparent. Meaning Gail Simone and Rhianna Pratchett either work extremely well together or/and their editorial team is kicking the butt of any problems in the script.

   One thing however makes no sense to me. This one thing has to do with the fact that Lara is still adventuring in Russia throughout the issue, yet on the cover she is riding a camel in a Middle Eastern looking locale. I know that covers can vary between being part of the narrative and not being part of it, but this is a bit of a mis-step. Comics based on brands from other media should, in my opinion, consider the design of the whole package.

    I recommend picking this issue, that was released last week, up.


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