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Groo Friends And Foes Issue 1 Mini-Review

There is not much that can be said except this is a good place for this new Groo title to begin. The art is very reliant on expressions which is typical of Sergio's style. While the story has a predictable end there is a twist that makes it satisfying as well. However I am not sure if the Captain is a friend or foe. For that matter based on the events in this issue, and my limited knowledge of Groo's history, the title may be a purposeful misnomer. Overall this is a light and breezy but enjoyable issue that I recommend.

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Stars The Lord Edition

1. Iron Man/X-O Manowar: Heavy Metal #1 published by Marvel and Acclaim/Valiant in 1996. This is actually issue 2 of a video game adaptation/tie-in. If that was not bad enough it exemplifies the problematic art and writing styles of the 1990s. Avoid if possible.

2. G.I. Joe Special Missions #8 From 1987 fails for two reasons. On the cover Beachhead's aim looks to be off in a deliberate sense, or he is at least shooting a foe not shown. Mines being on a road and not accidentally being set off by a civilian's animal transport. WTH!

3. The first teaser for Fant4stic from 2015. Holy F'ing NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Utter crap or at least it would be if there were anything actually happening in the footage. What there is looks too dark and derivative.

4. Captain Marvel #3 published in 1966 by M.F. Enterprises. So much wrong in just the basics of sequential art from one panel to the next. Not to mention how simple it would be to stop this hero who splits his body parts apart. This is m…

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 36

I can't believe they cut that dream sequence opening. Sure they got the bad dream part across in both versions, but if a viewer was not paying attention then they wouldn't get that point. Also Artemis is a bit of a douchebag in the 1990s English dubbing during the scene at the temple. This also feels like an episode that should have been done earlier, because Mamoru could easily be asked about Usagi's identity. Instead we get the DNA scans.

   Questions this time are: How did Minako get Usagi's hair mixed with hers to the point the DNA scanners mixed the two up? How much advanced technology do the bad guys for this season/series have? Why do the bad guys need technology when they can do magic? Anyone else think Mamoru sounded philosophically poetic in the Japanese dub?

B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth Issue 127 Mini-Review

What is not said in this story's dialogue is well told in the art's non-verbal actions and expressions. Page one of this issue's story says more in the space of the first two panels than most stories can manage to pull off. Now this is not to say the text is not important, however it just pales in comparison to the art. I recommend this comic for this awesome narrative.

Dark Horse Presents Issue 6 Review

Out of all the stories in this issue the two least well done tales are 'Tiger Lung: The Guide' and 'Wrestling With Demons Chapter 6.' Both stories are not horrible, but they are lesser than what they could be. Demons concludes in a very stereotypical Christian redemption tale way. While not a bad ending it does lack some originality. Tiger Lung's tale, while original, felt very much like the middle of the story and seems to lack any beginning or end. Which makes 'The Guide' part of the story title a bit of a misnomer.
     Now all the stories are great in terms of art, even with one of the Pastaways having the same design as a certain speedster Kolins drew in the past. The colors, or gray tones in the case of 'Murder Book,' are all well chosen and the issue as a whole runs through a wide variety. In terms of writing there are stories for pretty much everyone in this book's age rating. None of the stories are overly grim nor are they too bri…

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Transforming Ghost Toon Edition

1. The cover Steve Ditko created for 1977's Shade The Changing Man #2 has a great design. With the cover art "sweet spot" being hit by Shade's projected head and a black bolt. It intrigues potential readers with the dialogue given by each foe. It is busy but in an ordered way. No space is wasted.

2. From DC there is the Space Ghost  2005 mini-series in collected form. In single issues this comic probably sucked. However it works as an entertaining teen or teen plus book for Space Ghost fans. The collected edition also has a great text piece about Space Ghost's history.

3. The Fade Out #4 from Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. Published in 2015 by Image Comics is an issue that unfamiliar readers can jump into without prior knowledge. Not many recent and current series have been able to pull this off, and most don't bother to try. Also there are great real world celebrities stories in both the extra materials and the main story.

4. Sex Criminals #10, published by …

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 Issue 11 Review With Spoilers

Warning of Potential Spoilers!

This issue is a little off in terms of the dialogue between Buffy and Spike at the end. Though this could be attributed to their changing relationship statuses. As for the art it could be better in certain areas. Such as when Clive turns his head to congratulate Andrew. At that moment Clive, who resembles Grant Morrison and has a following like Aleister Crowley, looks like he has a huge tumor emerging out of skull. Now while I feel Olivia could have used a little more body weight, it has been several years since she has appeared.

   On the flip side this comic has a good balance between humor and action. With the issue getting back to the Buffyverse's uniqueness by having Buffy's speed-dating attempt be a hilarious failure. The art by Megan Levens is good enough most of the time in being kinetic, and resembling the actors who originally brought these characters to life. My Verdict is on the recommended side of things. In other words I recommend th…

Dark Horse Remembers Satoshi Kon A Master Of Art

REMEMBERING A MASTER OF ANIME FILMMAKING FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MILWAUKIE, OR—This August, Dark Horse remembers an animation legend and his works with The Art of Satoshi Kon. A director who blazed a brilliant animation career before his tragic passing in 2010, Kon is immortalized in this special hardcover volume that covers the whole of his incredible career. Encompassing everything from illustrations for his movies Perfect Blue, Tokyo Godfathers, Millennium Actress, and Paprika and his television series Paranoia Agent, to his manga, commercial art, and more, The Art of Satoshi Kon is an oversized, 136-page tribute to a master of anime filmmaking. Including a special appreciation from Darren Aronofsky, The Art of Satoshi Kon celebrates a lifetime of Kon’s work, including several little-known and incomplete projects. The Art of Satoshi Kon retails for $29.99 and can be preordered from Amazon.comBarnes & Noble, and IndieBound. Also available:Satoshi Kon’s: OpusAmazon | Barnes & …

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 35

Kunzite and Beryl might be bigger idiots than Zoisite in this episode. Beryl for wasting a soldier, which is a stupid villain cliche. Kunzite for leaving with Zoisite and Mamoru when he could have taken the Moonstick and Crystal from an unconscious Usagi. Also Kunzite is way too polite when he allows the Sailors to talk before kicking their butts. I did like the quiet moments and the subtler acting in the Japanese dub. Finally, I don't believe we hear the slap sound effect in the original English dub, yet the point still comes across. Weird!

  Questions: What does Luna mean by "stage one" and it be being done? Sure it is only said in the Japanese dub, but that does not make it any less weird and intriguing. Why do the bad guys' bodies disappear when they die? Where do their material bodies go? Why does Kunzite not use the Black Energy Sphere trick from two episodes previous? How did the Moon Queen know it would be relatively peaceful at that point in time? Does thi…

Q2 The Return Of Quantum And Woody Issue 4 Review

This issue is very confusing and it's not due to the cloak and dagger plot. The problem is that the dialogue at times seems switched for the characters. As for the art there is one panel with a flag that seems more pin-up than sequential art. All other panels work in a very kinetic way. The colors were chosen well. Really there is not much else to say except I do not recommend this issue and series be bought in single issue format. I do recommend it be bought in the eventual collected form.

Angel & Faith Season 10 Issue 10 Review

This issue has Angel going back to the level of development he was at during the end of the first Angel & Faith series. On the other side of the story Faith is still developing past the level she was left at in that series. In regards to the characterization I have to say the characters are spot on in terms of dialogue and actions. The twist ending for Angel's side of the story is the best written moment so far of this incarnation of the title. Though the best art and coloring are on the Faith side of this issue. Now I would recommend this issue, but it is very much a "wait for the collected edition" type recommendation.

The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage Issue 5 Review

Kevin Wada's cover art is only a slight win in its choice of design, however its similar style to the interior art more than makes up for the design. The problem I have with the design is that Shan, our titular Dr. Mirage, and her late husband Hwen are just standing there. Though the design being tied to the narrative's plot and being action-oriented is a counter to the problem. As for the interior art it shows growth from the artist in comparison to the first issue of the series. This being said Roberto De La Torre still needs to work on face expressions that convey shock.

   Now as for the plot it set-ups the next series very well, but has some questionable logic used in regards to a plot device in this series. The "previously" summary could be shorter. Also the second to last paragraph of the summary seems poorly worded. Other then these small gripes the story and dialogue are very enjoyable and intelligent.

    I recommend buying this comic either in single i…

Ivar Timewalker Issue 1 Review

There is 1960s stylish artistic action on the regular cover by Raul Allen. To be more specific the Raul Allen cover is as experimental as The Prisoner. This cover is so cool it actually hurts the enjoyment of the interior art. Sure there are great interior visuals, that are partially due to excellent writing, but they just do not seem as cool as this cover art. Part of this is that most of the issue has to focus on introductions of both the internal and external. While this is successfully done it does not allow for much experimentation. Despite this the book is full of major win with its designs and narrative. I highly recommend this first issue.

The Valiant Issue 2 Advance Review

This issue is much improved in the voices of the characters versus the last one. Another good part of this issue versus the last is that we get to see more of the cast in action. Plus each of the characters acts intelligently. The issue also lacks a lot of obvious cliches or tropes that event comics often have. There is a possible problem with the inclusion of a certain character from an ongoing series who appears in this issue for the first time. However the writers handle this deftly.

   Now as for the art it is sharp yet simple in terms of the line work. Though it could be a little less static in some panels, it is still very kinetic in a subtle way. The end of issue commentary is interesting and informative about everything done creatively. A wide color palette is used by the colorist with great choices for each scene and panel. Finally the lettering is placed expertly.

   My verdict: I recommend it.

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Charlton Buggy Edition

Possible Spoilers For Alpha Flight #50

1. Speed Buggy #7 published by Charlton Publications in 1976. There is a distinct lack of characterization, gags, and too many of two artistic 'cheats'. The characters seem even more stock-like than their cartoon incarnations. As for the parts that are meant to be humorous they are half-dimensional at best and that is mainly because the stories are so short. As for the artistic 'cheats' they are as follows: Leaps in story progression from panels to panels, with some breaking the 180 degree camera rule. We also have lack of texture and depth for settings.

2. Alpha Flight #50 was published in 1987 and it has a major story flaw. The main characters follow the stupid 'walk into the trap' comic trope. They do this even though they know and say they should be careful since a Loki scheme had been foiled there previously. In other words they know a powerful mystic god had done bad things there and they still act like idiots. Why?

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 Conclusion and Commencement Petite Étrangère

There are definitely leaps in logic, which I am guessing are due to the problem between the pacing and adaptation of this material. I really am guessing on what was left out from manga in this episode. Saying this because there had to be more then a new transformation call-out in order to save the other scouts. Liked the visuals though! (Except for the new cast member kissing Mamoru, because that is gross on several levels!)

 Questions: How is Luna supposed to know how the new transformation works? Why did the revived Scouts move from one location to another? What happens to all the dead people? Seriously no one remembers anything? Are Usagi and the others older now? If they are older then why are they exchanging items now and not during some point during the unseen past? Finally couldn't the weak point that needed to be hit be struck more precisely?

Conan Red Sonja Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Spoilers Beyond This Point!

   Two nitpicks I have about this issue happen to be the look of Conan and how uneven the first fight between Conan and Red Sonja seems. The former is because Conan looks too handsome. He reminds me at times of Gaston from Disney's 1991 animated classic Beauty And The Beast. In regards to the fight Conan gets injured and Red Sonja only seems to get winded. While it allows her to gain his respect, I still think Conan should have done better.

   Now in regards to the pros versus the above stupid nitpicks. This is a very enjoyable issue with some awesome page layouts on the art side. It also has great character facial expressions that convey narrative on their own. Speaking of the story, the villain has a horrifying weapon that the leads will have a tough time combating. That being said the two heroes are displayed with intelligence and cunning that does their histories justice!

   In conclusion this is a possible hit limited series for Dark Horse readers …

X Issue 21 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

  There are three flaws in this comic's story and art. The obvious one happens towards the end with the masks (X's and The Mark's) not looking the same. How stupid are The Mark and Archon to mistake X's mask, abilities, and methods for The Mark's skills, habits and costume? If this is supposed to be comedic that would be one thing, but it just does not play like that kind of genre. Though the exposition and superpowers do lend themselves to the idea that we are shifting from Horror to another genre.

  Now the second flaw is simply X's sidekick/assistant going outside the make-shift HQ to confront an intruder. This might not have been a problem except she is wearing one of X's masks and brandishing a gun. Again she is wearing part of a wanted vigilante's costume and holding a weapon in public. On top of this she didn't need to go outside. We have now gotten to the third flaw, which ties into the second because The Mark is the intrude…

Itty Bitty Mask Issue 3 Review with Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   I honestly don't know what I just read. I mean the narrative is all over the place. Before it was just a different crazy scenario from issue to issue, but now they essentially tried to develop a shared plot for the last two. Sure the creators had a plot in the mask going to different people, however they have now thrown in an alien invasion. The jokes fall flat or are just weird.

   Finally there is nothing else I can comment on except the use of the phrase "Moon Martians" and the art mistake with the Mayor's mustache. The former is just a mish-mash of words and... screw it this comic is almost as bad as that series of comics written by the Ultimate Warrior. My verdict avoid this series! Instead go read some of this creative team's good comics such as Itty Bitty Hellboy and Tiny Titans.

Rai Issue 6 Review

The regular cover by Clayton Crain has an awesome movie reference/homage to a certain Kurt Russell movie. Not only does this equal epic win, but so does the movie poster cover design. As for the interior art it is good but not quite as smooth in shape as Rai #5's art. This seems to be partly due to some of the colors used with this art style. This problem is most obvious during the 2555 sector pages and on the windows shown in the background of certain pages. Overall the art is still a vast improvement over the first 4 issues.

   As for the writing it is a great on the dialogue and moving the plot forward. Also the characterization is unique for each of the characters. However the summary provides a part of the story that only happens in this issue, which makes the beginning of this issue feel a little awkward. There is exposition regarding two characters' origins. The first origin is a little odd in how the character knows it, while the second origin is more text than visu…

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 34

I find it hilarious that Usagi looks drugged when first awakening as the princess. Seriously she looks high as the moon before the dress transformation that the magical tears activate. Also funny is the fact that the Dark Kingdom is really stupid for not just capturing Mamoru while he slept. Heck, this whole episode is one that is really hard to take seriously and not just the because of the magic tears or the stupidity on both sides.* What really is hard to believe is the bad animation during Zoisite's final attack in this episode. Mamoru and Usagi get their positions switched so fast that it took the English subtitles of the Japanese Dub for me to realize she was the original target.

    My questions for this time are: Crying breaks the memory seal how exactly? The six years old backstory makes no sense in any dub so why include it? Why not just have Mamoru only talk about his princess dream instead? Why did the Usagi/Serena voice actress for the 1990s English switch to a …

Art Of He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe Limited Edition Details

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Milwaukie, OR – Just in time for fans’ holiday wish lists, Dark Horse and Mattel announce that the biggest art book of 2015 - The Art of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - will receive a limited edition release. Restricted to 4,000 copies, The Art of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Limited Edition comes packaged in a deluxe Castle Grayskull slipcase, with an exclusive foil embossed cover and portfolio print, coming in at just under 400 pages with commentary written by Tim & Steve Seeley. In 1982, the world was introduced to He-Man® and Masters of the Universe®. What followed was a cultural sensation that changed the landscape of children’s entertainment forever! Join Mattel and Dark Horse in this comprehensive retrospective chronicling the decades-long epic journey of He-Man from toy, to television, to film, to a true pop culture phenomenon! The Art of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe includes rarely seen images of concept sketches, prototy…

Lady Killer Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

  While I am not a forensics expert I will say the first major blood-splatter during the first murder in this comic series looks off. Mainly on the right side from where the knife is entering the victim's body the blood-splatter seems a little off somehow. This makes the characters in this panel look very much like something copied from another visual type of artistic piece. Also the art work is more static than kinetic, which hurts the action scenes.

  The script lacks transitions between scenes and there is little to no personality for the characters. What personality exists in the characters is heavily reliant on cliches. The first issue also does not establish much besides the profession of killing and the era. If this was a comic from twenty years ago it would be okay, but this is now and we are not dealing with those standards. As such my verdict is not recommending this issue.

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Squirrelly Edition

1. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1 from 2015. The jokes and explanations in super small print really hurt the eyes. There are other reasons, but I feel that first one is good enough.

2. The ending to G.I. Joe Special Missions #2 from 1986. Why would anyone leave people who knowingly sheltered a war criminal to maintain their freedom? Seriously the ending makes no sense, especially because we have Mossad Nazi Hunters versus Neo-Nazis and an original Nazi. The Mossad and The G.I. Joe Team had the hate-mongers outnumbered from the look of it, and yet they just leave the original Nazi to die at the hands of the Neo-Nazis. Sure one bigot dies, but they knowingly left the other bigots to free which allows them to continue to do evil. WTF!

3. Captain America #278 circa 1983. The Falcon short story that ends in this issue is nonsensical due to its last bits of dialogue screwing it up. Some of the facial expressions fail, such as certain ones on pages 6 and 7. Also how are Cap and his allies o…

Eternal Warrior: Days Of Steel Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

 The music plot device is still a bad move for a comic, especially when the comic is about someone like the Eternal Warrior. Not to mention the fact that music (or rather just music lyrics because there is no sound) as the main plot point, and weapon, does not do justice to the secondary title Days Of Steel. Music is an auditory medium and comics are a visual medium. Try to write one like the other and you end up failing like this issue does.

   However I will say the art is awesome and it had good pacing. The internal logic of the characters actions for the most part works. Except we have the Eternal Warrior do a skip out on a woman he supposedly cared about in a time when magic was still widely believed in. So why does he not at least provide some explanation, or at the very least not get involved? Bit of a logic fail there to say the least.

   My Verdict: Not recommended!

Ghost Issue 11 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   It is creepy when the lead character sleeps under a bed of an unknowing relative. However that moment is not as bad as so many others. For instance the titular character sleeping with a literally stinking drunk character while both are grieving is unbelievable! This is in part because of the swooning raised leg during the kiss outside a bar. So not only do we have script flaws we also have some artistic flaws.

  Another problem is the titular character basically leaves a shot friend to bleed to death. Yes she later tries to help save him, but her priorities are screwed up. The final major problem is this issue is not new or lapsed reader friendly. I say lapsed because if you missed the previous issue you would have no idea what was going on, and this accounts for fans of previous takes of the character.

  I do not recommend this issue.

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Hola Elf Edition

1. All-Star Squadron #26 from 1983 has a good narrative that readers can enjoy and learn from, with the lesson being how to do natural exposition.

2. All-Star Squadron Annual #2 is also from 1983 and is both a great over-sized single issue and a conclusion to an epic multi-part story. It also features a rather rare in-costume appearance from the original Earth-2 (Golden Age) Batman.

3. From 1989 we have Flash #24. The three things that make me recommend this comic are: the art which features some of the most realistic looking proportions ever. The science, and pseudoscience,  used to try and figure things out. The guest appearances by Joan Garrick (Golden Age Flash's Wife) and Lois Lane.

4. Firestorm #15 was published back in 2005 before the titular character joined the Infinite Crisis event. It is the second part of a two-parter, but can be read in single form. It has very realistic characterization while also remaining fantasy.

The Ghost Fleet Issue 3 Review

The pacing is the same as the last two issues, but the developments seem to still be happening slowly. This means readers really haven't learned much about the plot or characters. Which causes certain developments to not effect the reader fully. However, back on the plus side, art-wise there is great kinetic motion in each panel. Not to mention the expressions are incredibly realistic on each character during every situation. Overall I recommend this comic not just because the good outweighs the bad, but because it is one of the more original comics being published right now.

Avengers No More Bullying Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

First off the activities in this book both lighten the mood of the comic, but they also cheapen the messages that the reader gets. Its almost as if the staff was worried that the stories were horrible, or too serious, and that they needed to put some breaks in the comic.

   As for the stories themselves they have some good characterization for the "Guardians Of The Galaxy" story and the "Spider-Man" story. However the titular "Avengers" is screwed up by the fact that some of Hawkeye's descriptions of the others don't fit currently. For example Falcon who is currently Captain America is described as if he is the same as Steve Rogers, basically a super soldier/athletic ideal. Also for an all ages rated anti-bullying PSA comic there is a lot of talk about killing, from the description of the Black Widow to Alien Kids horsing around. This sends a mixed message to some kids. Honestly the best story is Spidey one which is the simplest. I…

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 33

I preferred the 90s' English dub's music during the Scouts transformation sequence over the Japanese Dub for this episode. Mainly because there are some annoying sound effects in the Japanese version that ruin the musical score. Of course the Sound Mixer might have had problems on this episode, but I am not going to bother finding out since this is not an analysis. On the other hand I preferred the dialogue from the Japanese dub more, simply because it is less hokey. For example the impostor Sailor Moon (Zoisite) makes a stupid speech in the U.S.A. version which annoys me during each viewing.

    Question time: Anyone else feeling cheated after seeing both the Japanese and 90s English Dubs? I ask because they take a lot of scenery, such as the Nephrite flashback, out of the English version. Why is there still a sizable crowd in front of Queen Beryl's throne? I mean if there are that many bad guys left why is the evil Queen Beryl giving so many second chances? Also how d…

Ant-Man Issue 1 Day Of Review With Spoilers

Spoilers Beyond This Point!

     The writing by Nick Spencer creates an unlikable premise not just for the first issue but possibly the rest of the series. As for characterization none of the cast is likable. They are so unlikable that I wanted to stop reading the issue after the first few pages.* An example of this bad writing is the fact Tony Stark guest-stars in this issue and the reader is left unsure if this is the evil Axis Stark or the regular version. Whichever Stark it is gives an explanation of Scott Lang's character flaws. Now instead of the lead proving he is not going to continue with his flaws Scott does all the wrong things.

    Finally there is the non-stop text that makes the issue so over-written it defies explanation. I could go on, but I think you get the picture. Now for those who want a good Ant-Man story keep hope for the movie, because this story is only good in the art, coloring, and for the most part the lettering. Not recommended to the maximum level pos…

Hellboy And The B.P.R.D. Issue 2 Advance Review With Spoilers

Spoilers Beyond This Point!

    The cover, while still impressive, is not that original when compared to last issue's cover. It is still great by artistic standards, but it is pretty standard for a Hellboy cover. (Now mind you my knowledge of Hellboy in comic form is pretty slim so take what I say with a grain of salt.) The art has a minimalism that works for everything, but the tombstones (which are showcased on the cover) just take it slightly too far with just numbers on them. Now this could be a plot hint, but if it is a hint then it is a very subtle one which they apparently do nothing with in this issue.

    As for the writing it is intriguing, however it is still limited by two things. Hellboy and the B.P.R.D, as an organization, will survive for a several more decades so the risk of danger is lessened. This is why title character prequels, while potentially fun, don't provide as much engagement as sequels. The second reason is that certain plot twists are still obvi…

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 13 Final Battle Reincarnation

So much is not explained in this episode, including how the stone versions of the knights found the prince. Plus without the music, and prior knowledge from the original anime, I don't think this episode would be interesting to me. Not to mention we go from ramped up pace (which helps and hurts this anime) to slowed back down to the point the Final Battle subtitle makes no sense. Also I did not see any reincarnations in this episode, so the title card is a misnomer there as well. Hopefully when I do opinion pieces on the translated Kodansha version of the manga I will get some answers to my many questions, but that is a while off.

    P.S. A Watch Really!? Then why did she fall unconscious for so long?

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 First 2015 Edition

1. 1996's Age Of Innocence: The Rebirth Of Iron Man is basically a badly done transition a few reasons. Both the adult and teen Tony Starks fail to do anything. None of the cast worries about the possible implications involved with teen Tony Stark still being in the present. The whole issue features all the characters, except the titular ones, reflecting back on previous events. There is no actual "rebirth," nor anything else to stop the title from being a misnomer.

2. G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #20 circa 1984. The cover is okay, but the story relies too much on coincidences happening. If all the events are caused by coincidences or happenstance then you have a weak fictional story.

3. G.I. Joe A Real American Hero #27 also from 1984. The backstory given for Snake-Eyes is just a contradictory mess. Though this is probably due to Hasbro and Larry Hama trying to figure out if he is a commando or a ninja.  (He is both in my opinion.)

4. G.I. Joe Special Missions #9 from …

Recommended Comics List Of 4 First 2015 Edition

1. Secret Avengers #11 from 2014. Dear multiverse I love this issue! We get all sorts of moments and story twists veteran comic fans will be surprised by. Also if Patton Oswalt ever gets to be MODOK than I want this version of MODOK for he is Redacted and that is awesome! Finally the art and colors and lettering are all expertly done.

2. S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 from the last day of 2014. While I am a little confused about the Phil Coulson characterization, in regards to how it relates to the above comic, I did enjoy it. Also the Joe Quesada strips featuring Fitz & H.E.N.R.Y. is interesting, and might be something they should continue with various artists and characters. I am glad they did not completely rely on super heroes and espionage like most past incarnations of the title group. Instead we get an ensemble piece that is also a character study. Again great work all around.

3. Deathlok #5, circa 2000, is an interesting experiment in how a near full-on machine version of Deathlok might …

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 32

Oh man, I had forgotten how much I hated the English version of this episode! Really bad writing and dubbing. Now the Japanese version is not as bad, but it is still a bad mostly filler episode. I will say Melvin sounds tougher in a fight versus Umino, though that is due to the dialogue and difference in acting.

   Time for questions! If the light is on then how did Zoisite mistake Umino/Melvin for Tuxedo Mask? Also why does know think to use the wand or dark crystal to find the rainbow crystals now? Does Tuxedo Mask still get those random transformations when Usagi needs help? I ask this because he just shows up out of nowhere. Finally if Luna is number 091, are there other guardians around the world?

Tomb Raider Issue 11 Review with Spoilers

Spoiler Warning

  We get some nice contrasts with certain scenes within this issue. Not sure if this was the interior artist or the two writers idea. Whoever did come up with it I give kudos to them. This is honestly the best series of moments in this issue. Speaking of the writing we get one screw-up during the first play rehearsal scene in the form of "off-script," which should have been "on-script." Other than this one problem I loved this issue and I recommend it.

Grindhouse: Drive In Bleed Out Issue 2 Review

WTH! Seriously what did I just read? I mean there is nothing that is reader friendly in this comic, and yes this includes some of the panels as well. Also after reading the main story, and being left with a WTH feel, we get a humor strip. Why? There is nothing to suggest that a horror humor strip will work after the insane confusion the main story produces. Verdict: Not recommended.

Captain Midnight Issue 18 Review

The cover is epic and not so different in style versus the last the few covers as to be jarring. I do have a nitpick regarding the weapon the bad guy is holding. Specifically it looks like a missile with how the title and sunlight are positioned so close to it. Again this is more just a nitpick versus an actual problem.

   As for the interior art it works in a lot of places, especially for the action scenes. Where it does not work is in the form of certain expressions which could be improved in some places. Mainly on the character I have nicknamed "Action Granny." Though her expressions are not always great the design of her is nearly always realistic. She looks like gravity, and age, has effected her physique just enough so she does not look young while in a skintight outfit.

   Finally, Midnight's dialogue feels too modern at times for a man from the past. The dialogue in general is a tiny bit hokey in places, but not horrible enough to be an actual problem. Overall…