Ant-Man Issue 1 Day Of Review With Spoilers

Spoilers Beyond This Point!

     The writing by Nick Spencer creates an unlikable premise not just for the first issue but possibly the rest of the series. As for characterization none of the cast is likable. They are so unlikable that I wanted to stop reading the issue after the first few pages.* An example of this bad writing is the fact Tony Stark guest-stars in this issue and the reader is left unsure if this is the evil Axis Stark or the regular version. Whichever Stark it is gives an explanation of Scott Lang's character flaws. Now instead of the lead proving he is not going to continue with his flaws Scott does all the wrong things.

    Finally there is the non-stop text that makes the issue so over-written it defies explanation. I could go on, but I think you get the picture. Now for those who want a good Ant-Man story keep hope for the movie, because this story is only good in the art, coloring, and for the most part the lettering. Not recommended to the maximum level possible!

   *Unfortunately I did not stop, because I stupidly wanted to review the whole thing.



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