Avengers No More Bullying Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   First off the activities in this book both lighten the mood of the comic, but they also cheapen the messages that the reader gets. Its almost as if the staff was worried that the stories were horrible, or too serious, and that they needed to put some breaks in the comic.

   As for the stories themselves they have some good characterization for the "Guardians Of The Galaxy" story and the "Spider-Man" story. However the titular "Avengers" is screwed up by the fact that some of Hawkeye's descriptions of the others don't fit currently. For example Falcon who is currently Captain America is described as if he is the same as Steve Rogers, basically a super soldier/athletic ideal. Also for an all ages rated anti-bullying PSA comic there is a lot of talk about killing, from the description of the Black Widow to Alien Kids horsing around. This sends a mixed message to some kids. Honestly the best story is Spidey one which is the simplest. It just features him and the bullied kid, but provides multiple anti-bullying bits of information and messages in a single story.

   Though there are several negatives I have found, and pointed out, in this comic I do think it is worth recommending. Not just due to the Anti-Bullying information, but because the art and story are pretty well done for a PSA comic. (Yes, I do think most PSAs, no matter the media format, are horrible in their final product.)


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