Captain Midnight Issue 18 Review

   The cover is epic and not so different in style versus the last the few covers as to be jarring. I do have a nitpick regarding the weapon the bad guy is holding. Specifically it looks like a missile with how the title and sunlight are positioned so close to it. Again this is more just a nitpick versus an actual problem.

   As for the interior art it works in a lot of places, especially for the action scenes. Where it does not work is in the form of certain expressions which could be improved in some places. Mainly on the character I have nicknamed "Action Granny." Though her expressions are not always great the design of her is nearly always realistic. She looks like gravity, and age, has effected her physique just enough so she does not look young while in a skintight outfit.

   Finally, Midnight's dialogue feels too modern at times for a man from the past. The dialogue in general is a tiny bit hokey in places, but not horrible enough to be an actual problem. Overall I feel if you can look past the problematic bits you have a good comic.

   Verdict: I recommend it.


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