Dark Horse Presents Issue 6 Review

     Out of all the stories in this issue the two least well done tales are 'Tiger Lung: The Guide' and 'Wrestling With Demons Chapter 6.' Both stories are not horrible, but they are lesser than what they could be. Demons concludes in a very stereotypical Christian redemption tale way. While not a bad ending it does lack some originality. Tiger Lung's tale, while original, felt very much like the middle of the story and seems to lack any beginning or end. Which makes 'The Guide' part of the story title a bit of a misnomer.

     Now all the stories are great in terms of art, even with one of the Pastaways having the same design as a certain speedster Kolins drew in the past. The colors, or gray tones in the case of 'Murder Book,' are all well chosen and the issue as a whole runs through a wide variety. In terms of writing there are stories for pretty much everyone in this book's age rating. None of the stories are overly grim nor are they too bright and cheerful. So my final verdict is: I recommend it.


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