Eternal Warrior: Days Of Steel Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

  The music plot device is still a bad move for a comic, especially when the comic is about someone like the Eternal Warrior. Not to mention the fact that music (or rather just music lyrics because there is no sound) as the main plot point, and weapon, does not do justice to the secondary title Days Of Steel. Music is an auditory medium and comics are a visual medium. Try to write one like the other and you end up failing like this issue does.

   However I will say the art is awesome and it had good pacing. The internal logic of the characters actions for the most part works. Except we have the Eternal Warrior do a skip out on a woman he supposedly cared about in a time when magic was still widely believed in. So why does he not at least provide some explanation, or at the very least not get involved? Bit of a logic fail there to say the least.

   My Verdict: Not recommended!


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