Hellboy And The B.P.R.D. Issue 2 Advance Review With Spoilers

   Spoilers Beyond This Point!

    The cover, while still impressive, is not that original when compared to last issue's cover. It is still great by artistic standards, but it is pretty standard for a Hellboy cover. (Now mind you my knowledge of Hellboy in comic form is pretty slim so take what I say with a grain of salt.) The art has a minimalism that works for everything, but the tombstones (which are showcased on the cover) just take it slightly too far with just numbers on them. Now this could be a plot hint, but if it is a hint then it is a very subtle one which they apparently do nothing with in this issue.

    As for the writing it is intriguing, however it is still limited by two things. Hellboy and the B.P.R.D, as an organization, will survive for a several more decades so the risk of danger is lessened. This is why title character prequels, while potentially fun, don't provide as much engagement as sequels. The second reason is that certain plot twists are still obvious in the coming. The fact that they are pulled off well in this comic, and being paid off at unexpected times, is helping this story.

  Now while not an award worthy issue I do recommend it as a good comic.


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