In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 32

   Oh man, I had forgotten how much I hated the English version of this episode! Really bad writing and dubbing. Now the Japanese version is not as bad, but it is still a bad mostly filler episode. I will say Melvin sounds tougher in a fight versus Umino, though that is due to the dialogue and difference in acting.

   Time for questions! If the light is on then how did Zoisite mistake Umino/Melvin for Tuxedo Mask? Also why does know think to use the wand or dark crystal to find the rainbow crystals now? Does Tuxedo Mask still get those random transformations when Usagi needs help? I ask this because he just shows up out of nowhere. Finally if Luna is number 091, are there other guardians around the world?


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