In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 34

      I find it hilarious that Usagi looks drugged when first awakening as the princess. Seriously she looks high as the moon before the dress transformation that the magical tears activate. Also funny is the fact that the Dark Kingdom is really stupid for not just capturing Mamoru while he slept. Heck, this whole episode is one that is really hard to take seriously and not just the because of the magic tears or the stupidity on both sides.* What really is hard to believe is the bad animation during Zoisite's final attack in this episode. Mamoru and Usagi get their positions switched so fast that it took the English subtitles of the Japanese Dub for me to realize she was the original target.

    My questions for this time are: Crying breaks the memory seal how exactly? The six years old backstory makes no sense in any dub so why include it? Why not just have Mamoru only talk about his princess dream instead? Why did the Usagi/Serena voice actress for the 1990s English switch to a southern belle impersonation?

*Mamoru never cleaned or bandaged his wound.


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