In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 35

  Kunzite and Beryl might be bigger idiots than Zoisite in this episode. Beryl for wasting a soldier, which is a stupid villain cliche. Kunzite for leaving with Zoisite and Mamoru when he could have taken the Moonstick and Crystal from an unconscious Usagi. Also Kunzite is way too polite when he allows the Sailors to talk before kicking their butts. I did like the quiet moments and the subtler acting in the Japanese dub. Finally, I don't believe we hear the slap sound effect in the original English dub, yet the point still comes across. Weird!

  Questions: What does Luna mean by "stage one" and it be being done? Sure it is only said in the Japanese dub, but that does not make it any less weird and intriguing. Why do the bad guys' bodies disappear when they die? Where do their material bodies go? Why does Kunzite not use the Black Energy Sphere trick from two episodes previous? How did the Moon Queen know it would be relatively peaceful at that point in time? Does this mean all times before and after suck at being peaceful?


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