In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 33

   I preferred the 90s' English dub's music during the Scouts transformation sequence over the Japanese Dub for this episode. Mainly because there are some annoying sound effects in the Japanese version that ruin the musical score. Of course the Sound Mixer might have had problems on this episode, but I am not going to bother finding out since this is not an analysis. On the other hand I preferred the dialogue from the Japanese dub more, simply because it is less hokey. For example the impostor Sailor Moon (Zoisite) makes a stupid speech in the U.S.A. version which annoys me during each viewing.

    Question time: Anyone else feeling cheated after seeing both the Japanese and 90s English Dubs? I ask because they take a lot of scenery, such as the Nephrite flashback, out of the English version. Why is there still a sizable crowd in front of Queen Beryl's throne? I mean if there are that many bad guys left why is the evil Queen Beryl giving so many second chances? Also how did Zoisite fool so many people into thinking he was Sailor Moon? That is never explained, and if it was a transformation disguise then what happened to On that note I think I will stop this train of thought for tonight.


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