Lady Killer Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

  Spoiler Warning!

  While I am not a forensics expert I will say the first major blood-splatter during the first murder in this comic series looks off. Mainly on the right side from where the knife is entering the victim's body the blood-splatter seems a little off somehow. This makes the characters in this panel look very much like something copied from another visual type of artistic piece. Also the art work is more static than kinetic, which hurts the action scenes.

  The script lacks transitions between scenes and there is little to no personality for the characters. What personality exists in the characters is heavily reliant on cliches. The first issue also does not establish much besides the profession of killing and the era. If this was a comic from twenty years ago it would be okay, but this is now and we are not dealing with those standards. As such my verdict is not recommending this issue.


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