Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Squirrelly Edition

1. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1 from 2015. The jokes and explanations in super small print really hurt the eyes. There are other reasons, but I feel that first one is good enough.

2. The ending to G.I. Joe Special Missions #2 from 1986. Why would anyone leave people who knowingly sheltered a war criminal to maintain their freedom? Seriously the ending makes no sense, especially because we have Mossad Nazi Hunters versus Neo-Nazis and an original Nazi. The Mossad and The G.I. Joe Team had the hate-mongers outnumbered from the look of it, and yet they just leave the original Nazi to die at the hands of the Neo-Nazis. Sure one bigot dies, but they knowingly left the other bigots to free which allows them to continue to do evil. WTF!

3. Captain America #278 circa 1983. The Falcon short story that ends in this issue is nonsensical due to its last bits of dialogue screwing it up. Some of the facial expressions fail, such as certain ones on pages 6 and 7. Also how are Cap and his allies on Zemo's camera and then outside his door?

4. "Spider-Man And The Mystery Of The Of The Museum Snakes" advert for 'Magic Snake Puzzle' toy. Seriously the chief villain spends hours on a toy during a museum heist. There is hokey and then there is stupid. The Hostess superhero ads were weird, hokey and funny. 'Magic Snake Puzzle' adverts are stupid. (This is an advert from the 1980s.)


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