Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Charlton Buggy Edition

Possible Spoilers For Alpha Flight #50

1. Speed Buggy #7 published by Charlton Publications in 1976. There is a distinct lack of characterization, gags, and too many of two artistic 'cheats'. The characters seem even more stock-like than their cartoon incarnations. As for the parts that are meant to be humorous they are half-dimensional at best and that is mainly because the stories are so short. As for the artistic 'cheats' they are as follows: Leaps in story progression from panels to panels, with some breaking the 180 degree camera rule. We also have lack of texture and depth for settings.

2. Alpha Flight #50 was published in 1987 and it has a major story flaw. The main characters follow the stupid 'walk into the trap' comic trope. They do this even though they know and say they should be careful since a Loki scheme had been foiled there previously. In other words they know a powerful mystic god had done bad things there and they still act like idiots. Why?

3. 1986's The Transformers #14 does not work for two reasons. The first being that the writer sometimes explains what is already apparent in the art. Secondly while the music plot works to an extent this time around, the band's name changes from the first half to the second of the comic. If a name is not consistent in the same issue for valid reasons then the story has a serious flaw.

4. 1983's Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi #2 explains through the writing the actions that are supposed to be shown in the art. Also the art is so static that it is more storyboard than comic.


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