Rai Issue 6 Review

   The regular cover by Clayton Crain has an awesome movie reference/homage to a certain Kurt Russell movie. Not only does this equal epic win, but so does the movie poster cover design. As for the interior art it is good but not quite as smooth in shape as Rai #5's art. This seems to be partly due to some of the colors used with this art style. This problem is most obvious during the 2555 sector pages and on the windows shown in the background of certain pages. Overall the art is still a vast improvement over the first 4 issues.

   As for the writing it is a great on the dialogue and moving the plot forward. Also the characterization is unique for each of the characters. However the summary provides a part of the story that only happens in this issue, which makes the beginning of this issue feel a little awkward. There is exposition regarding two characters' origins. The first origin is a little odd in how the character knows it, while the second origin is more text than visuals.

   While there are flaws none of them are overly problematic, thus I will recommend this issue.


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