Recommended Comics List Of 4 First 2015 Edition

1. Secret Avengers #11 from 2014. Dear multiverse I love this issue! We get all sorts of moments and story twists veteran comic fans will be surprised by. Also if Patton Oswalt ever gets to be MODOK than I want this version of MODOK for he is Redacted and that is awesome! Finally the art and colors and lettering are all expertly done.

2. S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 from the last day of 2014. While I am a little confused about the Phil Coulson characterization, in regards to how it relates to the above comic, I did enjoy it. Also the Joe Quesada strips featuring Fitz & H.E.N.R.Y. is interesting, and might be something they should continue with various artists and characters. I am glad they did not completely rely on super heroes and espionage like most past incarnations of the title group. Instead we get an ensemble piece that is also a character study. Again great work all around.

3. Deathlok #5, circa 2000, is an interesting experiment in how a near full-on machine version of Deathlok might feel pain in the form of a lack of physical pain. We also see some interesting art during the scenes showcasing this element of the issue.

4. Finally from 1988 we have G.I. Joe Special Missions #10. This is a lot wrong with this issue from the story title to the lack of caring (from the reader) about the mission. However if you can look past the bad, and read it all the way through, then you will find a great political example to learn from. That example being that political allies that are the best are the ones who care about all their nation's people. Also they can not be influenced to pick sides that would gain them power of one kind or another. There is more to this lesson, but you will have to read and extrapolate it on your own.


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