Recommended Comics List Of 4 Hola Elf Edition

1. All-Star Squadron #26 from 1983 has a good narrative that readers can enjoy and learn from, with the lesson being how to do natural exposition.

2. All-Star Squadron Annual #2 is also from 1983 and is both a great over-sized single issue and a conclusion to an epic multi-part story. It also features a rather rare in-costume appearance from the original Earth-2 (Golden Age) Batman.

3. From 1989 we have Flash #24. The three things that make me recommend this comic are: the art which features some of the most realistic looking proportions ever. The science, and pseudoscience,  used to try and figure things out. The guest appearances by Joan Garrick (Golden Age Flash's Wife) and Lois Lane.

4. Firestorm #15 was published back in 2005 before the titular character joined the Infinite Crisis event. It is the second part of a two-parter, but can be read in single form. It has very realistic characterization while also remaining fantasy.


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