Recommended Comics List Of 4 Transforming Ghost Toon Edition

1. The cover Steve Ditko created for 1977's Shade The Changing Man #2 has a great design. With the cover art "sweet spot" being hit by Shade's projected head and a black bolt. It intrigues potential readers with the dialogue given by each foe. It is busy but in an ordered way. No space is wasted.

2. From DC there is the Space Ghost  2005 mini-series in collected form. In single issues this comic probably sucked. However it works as an entertaining teen or teen plus book for Space Ghost fans. The collected edition also has a great text piece about Space Ghost's history.

3. The Fade Out #4 from Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips. Published in 2015 by Image Comics is an issue that unfamiliar readers can jump into without prior knowledge. Not many recent and current series have been able to pull this off, and most don't bother to try. Also there are great real world celebrities stories in both the extra materials and the main story.

4. Sex Criminals #10, published by Image in 2015, is definitely for the 18 and up crowd. The letters are hilarious and cool! Plus the relatable characters and the issue's twist ending rock. You will not see dialogue like this in most comics, especially mature rated comics.


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