Sailor Moon Crystal Act 14 Conclusion and Commencement Petite Étrangère

   There are definitely leaps in logic, which I am guessing are due to the problem between the pacing and adaptation of this material. I really am guessing on what was left out from manga in this episode. Saying this because there had to be more then a new transformation call-out in order to save the other scouts. Liked the visuals though! (Except for the new cast member kissing Mamoru, because that is gross on several levels!)

 Questions: How is Luna supposed to know how the new transformation works? Why did the revived Scouts move from one location to another? What happens to all the dead people? Seriously no one remembers anything? Are Usagi and the others older now? If they are older then why are they exchanging items now and not during some point during the unseen past? Finally couldn't the weak point that needed to be hit be struck more precisely?


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