The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage Issue 5 Review

    Kevin Wada's cover art is only a slight win in its choice of design, however its similar style to the interior art more than makes up for the design. The problem I have with the design is that Shan, our titular Dr. Mirage, and her late husband Hwen are just standing there. Though the design being tied to the narrative's plot and being action-oriented is a counter to the problem. As for the interior art it shows growth from the artist in comparison to the first issue of the series. This being said Roberto De La Torre still needs to work on face expressions that convey shock.

   Now as for the plot it set-ups the next series very well, but has some questionable logic used in regards to a plot device in this series. The "previously" summary could be shorter. Also the second to last paragraph of the summary seems poorly worded. Other then these small gripes the story and dialogue are very enjoyable and intelligent.

    I recommend buying this comic either in single issue or the eventual collected edition.


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