The Valiant Issue 2 Advance Review

   This issue is much improved in the voices of the characters versus the last one. Another good part of this issue versus the last is that we get to see more of the cast in action. Plus each of the characters acts intelligently. The issue also lacks a lot of obvious cliches or tropes that event comics often have. There is a possible problem with the inclusion of a certain character from an ongoing series who appears in this issue for the first time. However the writers handle this deftly.

   Now as for the art it is sharp yet simple in terms of the line work. Though it could be a little less static in some panels, it is still very kinetic in a subtle way. The end of issue commentary is interesting and informative about everything done creatively. A wide color palette is used by the colorist with great choices for each scene and panel. Finally the lettering is placed expertly.

   My verdict: I recommend it.


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