X Issue 21 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

  There are three flaws in this comic's story and art. The obvious one happens towards the end with the masks (X's and The Mark's) not looking the same. How stupid are The Mark and Archon to mistake X's mask, abilities, and methods for The Mark's skills, habits and costume? If this is supposed to be comedic that would be one thing, but it just does not play like that kind of genre. Though the exposition and superpowers do lend themselves to the idea that we are shifting from Horror to another genre.

  Now the second flaw is simply X's sidekick/assistant going outside the make-shift HQ to confront an intruder. This might not have been a problem except she is wearing one of X's masks and brandishing a gun. Again she is wearing part of a wanted vigilante's costume and holding a weapon in public. On top of this she didn't need to go outside. We have now gotten to the third flaw, which ties into the second because The Mark is the intruder who got inside the HQ. (Which is why X's assistant didn't need to be outside.) The flaw in question happens when Mark leaves the HQ the artist draws the exiting leap in such a way as to make it look as if he is flying instead of jumping.

   Though I did enjoy this issue for its pacing, and the logical parts of the issue, I have to say that the flaws make it not worth recommending. My verdict is: not recommended in single issue format, but wait and see if the next few are good.


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