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Tomb Raider Issue 13 Review

Damn this cover art is blurry and obviously referenced for Lara's facial region. In my opinion this is the first truly exceptionally bad tomb raider cover art this series has had. Either Brenoch Adams was rushed for some reason or a lot more practice is simply required. There are also problems with the interior work by artist Derlis Santacruz and inker Andy Owens. The depth is lacking in terms of atmosphere and there is a lack of dimension with certain body parts. Another problem is the sense of consistency devolves with each page. There is one problem with the lettering that is partly due to the lack of consistency in the art. Finally the script could use some work on sequential narrative, pacing and character voices.

    I do not recommend this issue of Tomb Raider, but I do hope the creative team can pull off the next issue successfully.

Not Recommended Comics List 4 Of Marvelously Joe Edition

1. G.I. Joe Special Missions #6 from 1987. This is a pretty pointless issue where the mission began in an issue of G. I. Joe A Real American Hero and isn't even resolved in this comic. Also the villain is an ill-thought out stock character with a very generic villain name. I do not recommend this comic, unless you want a complete collection or happen to buy a trade with this in it.

2. The Isis story from Shazam! #25 circa 1976 has a weak plot and a character who is saved in a way that should've resulted in her dying. If that were not bad enough Captain Marvel the titular character is reduced to a cameo appearance in his own title. As for the second story featuring Captain Marvel it has the villain wearing a disguise for no reason and then tipping off the hero to his plan.

3. X-Force #91 from 1999 is all over the place in terms of the art and some of the art is nightmare inducing bad. The cover suggests a character study of the super-heroine Siryn, but the story quickly and fre…

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 40

DIC cut Luna's scene and the reasoning for the Scouts sudden appearance at the resort, thus making the English dub for this episode the worse version. However that is not all they also didn't catch several other obvious mistakes such as the lack the mother's fear and Ami's saying "smercury" instead of "Mercury." Though that is not as wrong as what the Japanese dubbed dad implies with his word choice in the car. Seriously Usagi's dad makes it sound like he is being cuckolded by his daughter possibly dating. What the hell! Finally I really don't see the point of this episode other than as filler.

   Query Time! Does anyone else think the Japanese version of ending makes it look like Usagi has been dunked under water too long? How does being the Yokai being sent to an afterlife equal her being punished? So how does the Yokai woman being sent to the same afterlife not result in a demonic presence in that afterlife once she encounters the coup…

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Hulk Road Edition

1. Savage Hulk #6 from around late 2014, early 2015. This is a good addition to Hulk's Crossroads adventures that does not interfere with any previous stories. Also this is part two in a two part story that can be read on its own just fine.

2. Iron Fist The Living Weapon #9 from 2015. Great plot twists and a fantastical tale with well-choreographed action.

3. Iron Man '99 Annual circa 1999. Recommended for how it deals with multiple aspects of Tony Stark. The one drawback is the lack of detail in the previous issue footnote references.

4. Shadowman Volume Two: Darque Reckoning Trade from 2013 is a well crafted story arc with great use of blacks and space. Though there are one or two clunky bits of dialogue.

Films That Stole Time From My Life And I Know Suck Second Edition

1. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995) The fact that the show does not and could not use this to bridge the gap between power ups/costumes for the regular show makes this a waste of time. Plus Ivan Ooze was killed off rather quickly and had a rather centralized plan.

2. Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1997) lacks a lot of morphed ranger time. Heck, the Pirate Ship scenes alone should be reason enough, not to mention the way too thin plot.

3. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water (2015) is okay for what it is but is still is a horrible movie. It's middle part involving time travel is the part that makes the movie horrible. While there are funny jokes provided by this part it convolutes a straight forward plot. Though it is still one of the better kids movies I have seen in recents year I still wish I had avoided it. (Though it made my "niece" happy that I went with her to see it.)

4. The 2012 fan film The Punisher:Dirty Laundry deviates from what the character…

Quantum And Woody Must Die Issue 2 Review

The line work looks more like sketch work in certain areas due in part to the coloring in the background and on the characters. However it is still very nice art and the color choices work well with the subjects. As for the writing it gets a little uncomfortable at times in terms of the dialogue, but is redeemed with most of the jokes and character interactions. While the pacing is great for this issue I feel there should have been more developments beyond what actually happened.  Overall I will recommend this issue with the caveat that I merely found it to be okay.

Mister X: Razed Issue 1 Day Of Review

The lettering is inventive in its placement, however it could have been better in regards to the first story title. As for the writing it connects both stories in both a tangential and direct way. At the same time Dean Motter provides two satisfying standalone stories in one issue. Now the art is a tiny bit off in the line work at times but is still exceptional nonetheless. I recommend of age readers check out this first issue.

Q2: The Return Of Quantum And Woody Issue 5 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers Beyond This Point!

  Well Christopher Priest pulled off a satisfying conclusion except for one thing: Where in the hell did Jonathan end up? Yes I know there were previous issues in this mini-series that I did not recommend, but this weird story already had enough on the last few pages to warrant a sequel. So will we see this creative team return, and bring back Jonathan, for "Quantum And Woody: The Dark Quantum Strikes' or is this it?*

   Personally I found this to be a good enough issue, and conclusion, that I am recommending it and the series in collected format. My reasoning is: Decent art for most of the scenes, some great jokes and general thoughts, and though convoluted at times the story was fine for returning comic pros. Finally I am hopeful it will be better in the possible sequel.

  *Valiant, if you guys use that title idea can I get a special thanks in the first issue?

Nic Kelman And Dark Horse Hide Machines Among Us Press Release

NIC KELMAN’S ILLUSTRATED FIELD GUIDE HELPS AUTOMATONS HIDE AMONG US FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MILWAUKIE, OR—This October, in preparation for the inevitable takeover by our robot overlords, Dark Horse Comics endeavors to help androids and artificial intelligences hide among us with How to Pass as Human, an illustrated novel by the critically acclaimed author Nic Kelman. Illustrated by Pericles Junior with a gorgeous cover by Terry Dodson (X-Men, Ghost), the novel takes the form of a field guide written by Android Zero (a.k.a. Zach), who helpfully provides sketches, graphs, flow charts, and further information on how androids can pass as human completely undetected. Holding a bachelor’s in brain and cognitive science from MIT, Nic Kelman is not only an acclaimed prose novelist but also an accomplished screenwriter, with original screenplays sold to Steven Spielberg, Roland Emmerich, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Warner Bros. Pictures, and more. Sure to appeal to fans of The Zombie Survival GuideH…

Tomb Raider: Volume 1: Season Of The Witch Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

  I was not sure if I would be into able to understand this story arc seeing as I did not have any knowledge of the rebooted games. Luckily it is a pretty straight forward collected edition that references just enough of the game's plot while telling its own storyline. Each character is well thought out in terms of their personalities and not lacking some kind of past. For example the traitorous tour guide in issue 1 seems to have a very devious past. The mystery featured in this first collection is carefully solved along with Lara and her friends, which is a hard thing to do without seasoned readers guessing the answers.

   Now as for the art, I found it to be beautifully choreographed during the action scenes and able to tell a narrative by itself. However I found the covers collected within the trade to be non-essential to most of the storyline. Seeing as how they are visuals that suggest different stories for Lara Croft I personally would rather they have been …

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 16 Abduction: Sailor Mercury Opinion Piece

Usagi's mother's talk of pancakes and worry is one way to get Chibi-Usagi off screen. Also I did like the flashback during the chess battle that hints of abandonment versus simple divorce. Plus the chess battle was just the right length for it to seem to be a quick pro match. Another thing I am liking is the parent/parental figure-child relationship in this episode. In fact I prefer it over Sailor Moon R's English dub's more unnatural feel to the Chibi-Usa and Mamoru scenes. Of course it helps to know who Chibi-Usa is and not having Usagi be, or seeming, jealous of her.

    Only three questions this time and they are: Where did the Tuxedo Mask Puppet come from? Why is the baddies' energy pillar called a crystal? What is up with the codes and operation names?

Ivar Timewalker Issue 2 Review

There are several funny potential memes in this issue which could add to the enjoyment of this issue. Now while most of the enjoyment comes from the dialogue there are some funny visuals provided by Clayton Henry and Robert Gill. For example the text narrative gives readers both an education and an extrapolation of real and pseudo-science. The art on the other hand provides emotive expressions to go along with each word balloon. Finally, in regards to the letter placement and coloring on a multi-dimensional scene I give kudos to Dave Sharpe & Brian Reber.

   I am avoiding spoilers for this recommended issue because I think it is that good of a issue. It is currently available in digital and print forms.

Sequart Organization Press Release About Diagram For Delinquents DVD Release

Though I have ties to Sequart Organization in the form of writing and editing, I had nothing to do with the movie product featured in this press release. l make no gain by posting press release.
Sequart Organization is proud to announce the DVD release of their Fredric Wertham documentary, Diagram for Delinquents.
In 1950, America was in a state of panic; many felt that juvenile delinquency was destroying the very fabric of society. In 1954, psychiatrist Dr. Fredric Wertham wrote a scathing indictment of comic books called Seduction of the Innocent. Its central premise was that comics were the leading contributing factor to juvenile delinquency. (At the time, 90% of all children were reading comic books.) That same year, Dr. Wertham testified at special hearings on comic books at the Senate Subcommittee to Investigate Juvenile Delinquency in the United States. Comic books were on trial!
Diagram for Delinquents captures the zeitgeist of late 1940s / early 1950s Ameri…

Dark Horse Shifts A Trio Of Titles To Digital First Plus Expedited Print Collections

NEW ISSUES OF CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED SERIES CONTINUE VIA DIGITAL PUBLICATION, FOLLOWED BY EXPEDITED PRINT COLLECTIONS FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MILWAUKIE, OR—Reaffirming its commitment to its fans and the storytelling vision of its creators, Dark Horse Comics is proud to announce the establishment of Dark Horse Digital Exclusives, which will include all-new, exclusive story content for The Ghost Fleet, Resurrectionists, and Sundowners. Additionally, Dark Horse will publish print graphic novel collections for The Ghost Fleet and Sundowners, collecting the DHDE original content for fans looking to complete their print collections. A full collection of Resurrectionists, featuring the final issues available as digital exclusives, will also be available, ahead of schedule. “We are confident in the quality of these stories and want to ensure that readers have the opportunity to fully experience them,” said Dark Horse president and publisher Mike Richardson. “Dark Horse is throwing its support be…

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 39

Well at least it wasn't as obvious a trap as last episode's. Also Jupiter really has to get over this broken heart leads to new level thing or at least consider therapy as an idea. Seriously her behavior does not make her a good role model in either version. I still feel Artemis is coming across as a bit of a douchebag. I wish I had more of a reaction, besides the monster change appearing to me to border on adult sensibilities, but I just have questions for the most part this time.

    Questions, queries, And confounding thoughts Oh My! Why does Tuxedo Mask compliment Usagi's returned skating skills? Why is there a constant stereotyping of blondes as less intelligent in this anime? I mean just look at Mina as well. If skates suddenly appear to help Usagi in an Ice Rink, then why do the scouts never have pants or any other major changes for the cold? Why did the skates appear in the first place? How come nobody was hurt by the skates when the Scouts are falling due to U…

Rai Issue 7 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

    The art work and coloring is a little muddy on certain pages, particularly around Momo in the college(?) flashback scene. This causes a problem when trying to identify the extent of the change that Momo went through in the past. Now the art and colors do improve again after a few pages, but it was annoying to not be immediately immersed in the book.

    Regarding Silk acting the villain, I personally think he might have gotten stupider or at least complacent after such a long life. My reasoning is that he seems to think the 'father' entity would reward him with something other than death. In other words this is an interesting character development. As for Spylocke I did not expect his meeting with this character and his familiar looking followers on Earth. it is because of this twist and the other surprise that I am recommending this issue.

The Valiant Issue 3 Day Of Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

    Other than a battle scene where some of the combatants, for example Ivar, are facing the wrong direction this is not a bad third issue. It is by no means perfect (though nothing in this reality ever is), but it sets up and executes a massive battle and said battle's failure quite well. Also we see some great experimental design work from Paolo and Joe Rivera. Two other great things are the commentary and dialogue of the issue. In regards to the commentary, it helps immerse readers in some of the behind the scenes stuff that can happen in collaborations. While the dialogue feels realistic in regards to Bloodshot, Geomancer and Neville.

     I recommend this issue, which you can go and buy right now digitally and in print.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 Issue 12 Day Of Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   Megan Levens, while a good artist, needs to work on improving the continuity of small artistic details such as hair. For example Buffy's hair seems to change weight and length between the first pages and the last. Now as for the writing, it needs a good come back from the last few pages because of the out of character moment for Spike. Not to mention the dialogue about Spike's soul where Buffy and he again talk about it as if he were cursed like Angel. Otherwise this is an okay script where nothing really happens plot-wise except more development of Andrew as a character. (Also we get Spuffy moments, so yay!)

  This issue is barely recommended because of the out of character bits, but I still recommend it as an entertaining diversion from life and the decent narrative aspects.

Unity Issue 15 Advance Review With Spoiler

Spoiler Warning!

    What is going on with Ninjak's bare foot when he is getting out of bed? Seriously it looks like he is sprout extra toes and the general design is horribly gross! Also there is another problem with the slivers of flashback that are shown in the story. The flashbacks were meant to be adding to the story but the lack of information they provide ends up detracting from the narrative. The coloring does not help the flashbacks and ends up helping keep readers from a full immersion into the story.

    This is not to say that there aren't good moments but they are few and far between. While I would have liked to recommend this issue I don't feel it qualifies. Thus my verdict is: I don't recommend this issue.

Divinity Issue 1 Review

This is a very trippy reading experience. I like how the ideas of space-time explored in this comic are much like Doc Manhattan's experiences from Watchmen combined with various other time theories. If the rest of the mini-series resembles this work in terms of art and writing I will be recommending the trade. Though I don't feel the visuals can truly tell the story on their own I can say  I appreciate what parts they can tell alone. The lack of extensive dialogue actually helps in this factor, as does the way the narration reads as more than set-up.

  Besides the fact that I think this comic might get Valiant nominated for an award or two, I recommend this issue for those looking for a more experimental experience.

Abe Sapien Issue 20 Review

The writing is well done, especially in the scenes with Abe and a supporting character. Both the dialogue and art tell the story on their own by saying things the other does not. Max Fiumara's style has exceptionally realistic visuals due to both the design work. I give kudos to Fiumara for his line work, depth of field, and proportions. I recommend that potential readers should look past the horror cliche cover for a great story in this issue.

    Final Verdict: I recommend this issue.

Ghost Issue 12 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   This comic makes me want to run out into the street screaming in frustration! From the horrible, clunky writing to the interior and exterior art this is a failure of a comic. The characterization is bland and there is nothing to make readers relate and care about anything including the dead. As for the final battle of the series, it is wrapped up in a very quick way that feels anti-climatic. I think the titular character's face is swiped from two character designs (Wonder Woman/Lois Lane) because it looks very much like the Dodsons' style. In regards to the interior art, it fails in the transitions between panels with characters 'teleporting' in nearly all the panels.

 I do not recommend this issue except for destruction purposes.

X Issue 22 Review

The musculature of the Mark and Archon on the cover could be better in terms of the line work, but otherwise this is a very well done cover. As for the writing there is very realistic dialogue and the titular character's thoughts really drive home his psychosis. In fact one bit of dialogue is extremely funny in how it relates to a certain current police issue. The ending is a bit of a cliffhanger in how it leaves things. While the ending could have been written better, in terms of the crossover to Captain Midnight, it is still a fine way to end the issue. I say this because the art really combines well to show the horrific action in this issue that could trigger people who have survived moments like 9/11, earthquakes and other disasters.

     I recommend this comic for anyone of age who thinks they can handle the possibility of bad memories being triggered, because not everyone will be able to handle the art in this comic.

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Flash Of Oops in 2015 Edition

1. Flash #90 from 1994 is recommended for the twist ending to the battle with the issue's villain.

2. Flash #83 from 1993 is a solid issue that forces the Flash to face an ethical issue to solve a problem for the city he calls home.

3. Mega Man #45 from 2015 is just a good and accessible all-ages book. There is a typo in one word balloon but that is more of a nit-pick level problem.

4. Inhuman #1 from 2014 is a good set-up for the series. It perfectly balances new and old information that readers would need to know. It is helped significantly by the colors that were chosen.

Conan Red Sonja Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Major Spoilers Beyond This Point!

    This comic almost succeeded in getting a recommendation, but I don't recommend it due to the following reasons: Weird finger positions on Red Sonja's and Thoth-Amon's hands, A narration flaw, "broken back syndrome," 180 degree rule breaking, and the choice of Thoth-Amon. The fingers are not that noticeable a problem unless you are really looking at every bit of the art. While the "broken back syndrome" happens with Red Sonja on the cover, along with the finger problem mentioned previously. The 180 degree rule of visual story-telling is broken with Conan speaking from one direction and then apparently 'teleporting' behind Red Sonja.

    Now the final problems are more troublesome then the others. The choice of Thoth-Amon as the villain shows a surprising lack of creativity for these normally awesome writers. Either Gail Simone and Jim Zub should have been able to come up with an original choice. Of course Tho…

Itty Bitty Comics #4: The Mask Part 4 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning! 

    No, just no. This comic fails on so many levels, even compared to the last 3 issues of this series. One problem is the photoshopping that is so out of place and obvious that it takes readers completely out of the comic. Another is the use of "extreme" in a way that evokes the 1990s. Again as with last issue there is the phrase "Moon Martians" which again speaks for itself. Other problems exist including not answering who is meant to own the mask, and the shopkeeper breaking character in terms of his speech. I could continue but it boils down to I don't recommend this comic.

The Ghost Fleet Issue 4 Review

If this issue had anything to do with the steroid infested sport known as major league baseball then this comic would be a home run! Readers get some major plot points slammed into our faces, including some that foreshadow future developments. We get some great characters moments from all the major characters and an apparently minor character. The art could be a bit better on the line work, but overall is amazing. The colorist is doing some top-notch in the more extreme moments by making the images pop. I recommend this issue, and if you like what you see add this comic to your pull list.

One For One: Usagi Yojimbo: Grasscutter Issue 1 Mini-Review

The transitions could have used a little more work, however this single issue is still an excellent story. I feel this issue is okay for all ages due to the lack of anything graphic. With a complex story and stylized, yet very emotive, art this comic is a dollar well spent. I recommend it for anyone looking for a quick and entertaining read. Also recommended for those looking for a gateway into comics.

Lady Killer Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning

    Why is the sky red on the cover? It makes no sense except to try and do it so the lead character's yellow dress is more on display. Also the cover shows an attempt to be funny with the positions of the characters, however it does not work. The reason why is that the creative team does not seem to know what genre(s) they want as their main one. This is the same reason this comic is failing to impress me. If they could stick to one genre and one sub-genre then they would have a chance to fix their other flaws. For example how does she climb up to her hiding place in high-heels?

    While this is not as bad as the first issue I still can't recommend this comic!

X-O Manowar Issue 33 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

    While there are no real stylistic problems in the art the same can not be said for the writing. This is because the story is uneven, except for the concise summary which is well-written. Not only is the story flipping between a dream flashback and waking life, but what occurs to Aric while he sleeps is left as an annoying mystery to the reader. Though that mystery is potentially an interesting future story, I feel that this could have used more time on reactions of characters. As for the dream flashback could have been a bit more experimental in some aspects, such as first person point of view instead of third.

    My Verdict: Recommended only for long-time time readers, avoid if new to X-O Manowar.

Hellboy And The B.P.R.D. 1952 Issue 3 Review

This issue had an interesting reveal where one of the paranormal elements turns out to be a different sort of paranormal element. I honestly was not expecting this twist to happen in the story, but I liked it. Another intriguing bit was how this story will obviously need the covers before each segment in the collected edition. While this is a potential problem, it was nice to be reminded how last issue ended. The most intriguing part is the character who foreshadows something related to current events.

  Though I have no new praise or detractions for this issue in the storyline I can say this is a recommended issue in the Hellboy saga.

Press Release for The Future Of Comics The Future Of Men: Matt Fraction's Casanova by Geoff Klock

Note: I have had nothing to do with Sequart Organization's development of the book featured in this press release. 
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sequart Organization is proud to announce the release of The Future of Comics, the Future of Men: Matt Fraction’s Casanova, authored by Geoff Klock (How to Read Superhero Comics and Why). Matt Fraction, Gabriel Bá, and Fábio Moon’s Casanova is a stylish adventure about a sexy, amoral, universe-hopping, time-traveling spy caught in a war between the militaristic E.M.P.I.R.E. and the decadent and villainous W.A.S.T.E. (led by a bandaged, cackling madman in sunglasses). The Future of Comics, The Future of Men argues that beneath its pop surface, Casanova is doing more. It challenges the corporate driven comic book production model, in which Disney and Time Warner own all the major superheroes. And it critiques the limited and damaging vision of masculinity that informs so much of modern superhero comics and movies. With the recent debut of Casanova: Ac…

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 38

This latest trap by Kunzite should have at least made one of the scouts, Ami perhaps, suspicious of  it. I mean the Moon Princess part is way too obvious. Even if the contest was real the scouts should be on guard for stuff like this happening! Also while I did like Yuichiro's English persona better in his original appearance, I prefer his Japanese self for this episode. The Japanese dialogue makes more sense in this episode due to the English version being off in the mouth movements.

 Questions! Why do Usagi and Rei fail to think to transform in this episode when initially trapped? Shouldn't they be cold in the scout uniforms during the battle? Sense magic is involved shouldn't the outfits be able to change for the external temps and environments the scouts could face? Why is Sailor Moon referred to as a thing in the American Theme Song?

Conan The Avenger Issue 10 Review

Anthony Palumbo's cover art is very rich in texture and realistic facial expressions. Just look at Conan's snorting while in the midst of battle. Unfortunately this cover is on a issue I can't recommend. Though Fred Van Lente is usually a stellar writer his work on this issue could have used a little improvement. First off his Conan comes across as a bit of a jovial fellow. If there were not so many indicators to tell me otherwise I would almost think this was Hercules from Marvel. In fact Conan is a bit more stoic according to Robert E. Howard's works.

   Now the interior art is a bit hit and miss. For example while the first page is somewhat epic, I could tell that the second panel showing Thoth-Amon's ringed hand was probably taken from somewhere. This is not to insult Brian Ching but I do not want to think Golden Age Green Lantern/Black Lantern Ring meets Hyborian Age Wizard. Seriously throughout this story I was more curious if Thoth-Amon was going to pick …

Rat God Issue 1 Mini-Review

The proportions of the characters are excellent and the designs are unique. Each bit of dialogue helps progress readers immersion into the mystery that is Rat God issue 1. While it is transitory regarding the setting at the same time it is stationary, if that makes sense. Without spoiling I can say no more except that I recommend this issue for its cover and interior mystery.

Angel & Faith Season 10 Issue 11 Review With Spoilers

Spoilers Beyond This Point!
    The variant cover by Mike Norton and Mark Englert is much more appealing than the regular cover by Scott Fischer. This is partly because the variant foreshadows Faith's return to London, but also is due to the horrible murky and water-logged look of the Fischer cover. However, in regards to the interior art I found no problems and actually think there are some slight improvements from last issues. These improvements are in the facial features and the illusion of kinetic motion.
    Now in regards to the story we have a problem with characterization and pacing. First the Giles sisters are acting weird and a bit flighty like when they were first introduced. At least one of the sisters was moving forward in terms of character development by the end of the last series/season. Why Victor Gischler is moving a certain characters backward in terms of development I don't know. Though it is slightly annoying considering the potential forward momentum that…

Imperium Issue 1 Review Spoilers

Spoilers Beyond This Point!

This issue is interesting for various reasons. For instance we get the idea that Harada has good end goals. Though we also get that he is doomed because he is not following the Bleeding Monk's last direction. I think this may be the first Harada centric story from any version of Valiant where a kid and a robot steal the show. Finally we get a glimpse of a possible future that is brought about in part by a "villain" and yet it is majestic and somewhat better.

   Good social commentary, art, story, coloring, and lettering culminate in another comic I recommend.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 15 Infiltration: Sailor Mars

It is cool that the opening song images have been adjusted for the new villains. Speaking of new characters I am hoping that when they pick Chibi-Usa's voice actress for the English dubbing that she sounds age appropriate and yet can pull off the tense scene at the beginning. I am curious why there were two twin aliens at the beginning of Sailor Moon R and this does not. Finally I  loved the music during the mind-altering scene.

   Questions this time are: Why does Venus call it a "Love-Me Chain?" What happened to the other nuns? Did the Dark Moon psychic actually recruit anyone? Should I refer to the character known as "Wise Man" as "Creepy Cloak" instead? Anyone else think of the saying "I hope Senpai notices me" when Makoto is called "Sempai?"

Quantum And Woody Must Die Issue 1 Review

The art is great in the fact that even non-relevant background individuals have some visible expressions at times. Artist Steve Lieber and colorist Dave McCaig leave no space wasted on any of the pages. While there are not a lot of risks taken, in terms of experimenting, by Lieber and McCaig there are still risks taken. Said experimentation is done by writer James Asmus and letterer Dave Lanphear in the form of the word balloons and the dialogue. Now though the word balloon related experiment could become dated I think it will age well. In my opinion there is really nothing negative that can be said about this issue.

   I recommend this comic if you have enjoyed these nut jobs other adventures or want some laughs.

The Goon Once Upon A Hard Time Issue 1 Review

This is possibly the darkest of The Goon stories in terms of tone and pushing the characters from a creative standpoint. There is an awesome reliance on visuals with great use of cross-hatches to create texture. As for characterization all the characters are sympathetic and relatable, including those killed off in this issue. However those looking for comedy in this issue will be sadly disappointed. Though there are jokes they are few and far between. The issue ends with an epic twist in the narrative that long time readers will want to buy this issue to see.

  My verdict is that I recommend this comic not be trade waited for, instead I recommend buying it as soon as possible. It is out now.

Captain Midnight Issue 19 Review

This is a good wrap-up of the Chuck Ramsey plot line. We get moments from the past impacting the fight between Chuck and Midnight. The fight while fantastical is well choreographed and Midnight suffers believable damage. There is a dialogue problem that readers will be slightly confused by, but seeing as this is the only significant flaw it is easy to ignore. As for the story it sets-up the next (final) arc just enough while not being cumbersome. Finally the colors are well-chosen with just enough of certain ones used to create a world threatening atmosphere.

    I recommend this issue for long-time fans and those looking to bring in age-approriate potential fans of these creators and this comic.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon Episode 37

I found the monster's 1990s English dub "wax museum" threat very funny! Though the fact that humans are being turned into monsters is weird. I mean why not have members of Beryl's seemingly large court being chosen to fight the scouts? Still finding Artemis to be a douchebag of a cat in the English dub from the 1990s. I like the original English episode title more than the long-winded Japanese episode title.

   Questions Time! How come Tuxedo Mask can fly in this version but not in Crystal? How does Sailor Moon know to use the wand instead of the Tiara in both this episode and the last one? Does the reveal of who "Control" is mean that there are not more reincarnated people activated at this time? Am I the only one who thinks Haruna sounds like a screeching cat in both dubs when she tells Usagi to leave the room? Why didn't the original English dubbers use the term frisbee like the Japanese subtitles did?

A Toy Bust Of Macabre And Criminal Proportions

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MILWAUKIE, OR—Dark Horse Comics will reveal a new bust of Criminal Macabre’s Cal McDonald at Toy Fair 2015 in New York City. Steve Niles’s Criminal Macabre features one of the most hard-boiled protagonists in all of comics, a denizen of darkness and sketchy nightspots, the antihero’s antihero: Cal McDonald. Cal investigates crimes that others won’t touch. The cops (and nice people generally) avoid Cal. But an array of otherworldly types won’t leave him alone. Our bust, sculpted by horror specialist William Paquet, shows Cal with the tools of his trade. The base is an artistic swirl of demons emerging from the ether. “I am thrilled with what they’ve done with the sculpt of Cal. It’s an absolutely gorgeous piece of work. Criminal Macabre fans will be blown away,” remarked creator Steve Niles. The bust measures a big 14 inches tall. Packaged in a full-color box, with a certificate of authenticity signed by both Niles and Paquet, this hand-painted, numbered piece is…

X-O Manowar Issue 32 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

  The all three cover fail to represent this issue. In my opinion the Armorine leg cover is the worst of the three. Though the designs of the front part fail to impress the interior narrative does succeed. The art is great in terms of the line work, letter placement and coloring. I have only one problem with the well written conclusion to this story arc. This problem is the twist ending, that readers have been hit with repeated foreshadowing of over the course of the last few issues, being underdeveloped. How does the Mrs. flip the personal assistant and other corporate higher-ups to her side? bribes, threats, promises, seduction?*

   This issue is recommended in collected form if you want the complete story arc, but single issue if you want to skip the previous issues that I did not recommend. 
   *I honestly now want a Valiant-sized special where we find out the answer. If we do get this special then hopefully it will be focusing on all the mentioned methods. Anyone…

Unity Issue 14 Review

This issue contains some great talking heads done right moments. It leaves some great mysteries behind in its wake as well. The art and writing is subtle but expressive in both the talking head and action sequences. What is dubbed as "meta marketing" is used in a moment that is both social satire and social commentary. Said moment happens during the previously mentioned talking head sequence. To keep things reasonably short I will just say this issue is recommended for the great ideas presented in this comic.

     P.S. My prediction is this will be one of the best comics to see publication this year.

Tomb Raider Issue 12 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   Several problem occur in this issue. A two-fold problem exists around the attempt to recruit Lara to the misogynistic bad guy cult/society. First off the insane recruiter fails to get fully developed as a character. Second if he was supposed to be important why kill him off so fast? (I acknowledge that this offer was insane, but someone was bound to make it.) This problem leads to the next problem.

  While the train that does the killing apparently is close enough to leave blood splatters on Lara and her friend it does not move their clothes. I would think if they were that close there would be movement of their clothes, though this may be a misconception on my part. Also how did Lara and her friend get done so quickly with dealing with questions from the police? I have to consider this because of the blood splatters and how impossible this would make moving around the city. Finally the fact they got back in time for Lara to do a lead role in a play makes zero sens…

Weird Ideas List Of 4 Late Night Ramblings Edition

Warning this is a slightly morbid, and possibly offense, list of 4.

1. How many pedophiles have been protected by religious systems throughout the history of this universe?

2. How many of said pedophiles have been punished for their crimes despite unjustifiable protection by religious systems?

3. Could this mean all current organized forms of religion are no better than criminal cults?

4. If so should people just keep their belief system(s) disorganized?