Angel & Faith Season 10 Issue 11 Review With Spoilers

    Spoilers Beyond This Point!

    The variant cover by Mike Norton and Mark Englert is much more appealing than the regular cover by Scott Fischer. This is partly because the variant foreshadows Faith's return to London, but also is due to the horrible murky and water-logged look of the Fischer cover. However, in regards to the interior art I found no problems and actually think there are some slight improvements from last issues. These improvements are in the facial features and the illusion of kinetic motion.

    Now in regards to the story we have a problem with characterization and pacing. First the Giles sisters are acting weird and a bit flighty like when they were first introduced. At least one of the sisters was moving forward in terms of character development by the end of the last series/season. Why Victor Gischler is moving a certain characters backward in terms of development I don't know. Though it is slightly annoying considering the potential forward momentum that the comics can do at this non-big two publisher.* As for the pacing I have compared it to Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 and found Angel & Faith Season 10 to be a glacially slow series.

     I will recommend this issue for die-hard Fred, Angel and Faith fans. However if you are looking for faster developments wait for the collected editions.

    *The big two are Marvel and DC which rely on treating characters like bouncing balls. In other words keeping characters in character development limbo with the illusion of change.


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